Report: Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter Under Investigation for Corruption

Sepp Blatter
Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter is part of a corruption investigation, according to one report. Ruben Sprich/Reuters

Just hours after Sepp Blatter resigned from his role as president of FIFA, law enforcement officials told the New York Times the former president is under investigation for corruption.

Blatter was re-elected as FIFA president last week amid a corruption scandal that led to the indictments of 14 FIFA officials and marketers. Four others have been found guilty for the same corruption scheme, which the U.S. Justice Department alleges went on for 24 years.

Under his rule, FIFA was shrouded in secrecy and scandal, culminating with two controversial World Cup placements: Qatar and Russia. Both World Cups are now up in the air, one FIFA official said after Blatter resigned.

Though Blatter was not immediately linked to the 14 people arrested last week, U.S. officials told the Times they hope they are now able to build a case against the 17-year FIFA president. They hope that some of those who have been indicted spill some of Blatter's secrets now that he is no longer in power.

Blatter's replacement will be determined through a special meeting of the soccer organization's member nations. Because of the advance notice FIFA must give its members of such a meeting, the vote for a new presidential election will not go through until December 2015, at earliest. As a result, Blatter will remain acting president until that time, even though he has technically resigned.

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