Reporter Who Was Just Doing a Story Was Adopted by This Utterly Charming Dog in Need

Sometimes we adopt pets, and other times they adopt us. In a heartwarming video that recently resurfaced on Reddit, a dog would not stop hugging a reporter who was working on a story about a animal shelter. What's even sweeter than their interaction is the fact that the reporter actually wound up adopting the dog.

In the viral video, the dog stands on their hind legs and clings to the reporter's leg as he pets the dog. When the reporter pauses, the dog looks up at him lovingly with big eyes, and begs for more affection. The canine appears to claim the reporter as his own, and apparently got its way. reported that the video originally went viral in early 2019, but the wholesome bond between the pooch and the unnamed journalist feels timeless.

cute dog
A dog couldn't stop hugging this reporter while he was doing a story on an animal shelter. Tim Graham/Getty

Redditors' hearts were melting after watching the clip, and finding out about the happy ending for the reporter and the dog. "The decision for adoption was NON NEGOTIABLE," one user insisted. "I too would let that dog adopt me," another wrote. "Little one has definitely taken a proactive approach to the adoption process!" a third gushed.

The dog's puppy-eyes approach seemed to be its secret weapon. "That sad face make me feel like the dog was saying 'take me with you please?'" one user noted. "Dude, there's no way I could walk away from that kind of love," another said.

"This is why going to shelters is dangerous," one Redditor quipped. "You'll end up leaving with every pup there."

"I went in for a look, said I 100% wasn't getting a husky. There was a husky in my house a week later. She was such a lovely dog," another added.

Other users shared sweet adoption stories that were similar to what we see in the video, in which the animal chose them, almost like it the connection was fated. "This is basically how my foster chose me. Soon as I went to get her at the airport she just curled up in my lap and didn't move. When I left her at home while I went to work apparently she would curl up under my jacket. Couldn't say no," one Redditor wrote.

"This exact thing happened to me last year!" another shared. "I visited a shelter and a coonhound that looks just like this one jumped up and hugged me and would not let go. She is now laying here right next to me. I think they have a secret plan, love these dogs."

"When it is my time to adopt again, this is the reaction I want. I want the dog to choose me," one user insisted. "Not the other way around."