Couple of 25 Years' Heartwarming Central Park Proposal Goes Viral

The moment a husband re-proposed to his wife of 25 years has gone viral online, with besotted internet denizens comparing it to a scene straight out of a romcom.

After his first proposal wasn't the romantic movie-like one they'd dreamed of, Brian Prentiss did it all over again, 25 years and four kids later.

Actor and filmmaker Katie Prentiss, from Oregon, thought she was taking a regular mother-daughter trip to New York City, but it was actually a part of a long, thought-out plan to surprise her with a romantic gesture.

Now, the video of the moment has been viewed over 9 million times after it was posted to her TikTok account.

Katie Prentiss began the video completely unaware, posing for pictures in Central Park, oblivious to the fact her husband was in the same city—let alone just behind her.

When told to go back for another picture, Katie Prentiss almost bumped into her husband without realizing and began to apologize.

The look of realization dawned on her face, as she noticed exactly who he was. "What are you doing?" she asked while laughing. "Why are you here?"

Both Katie and Brian Pentriss posed for a picture together, before he went down on one knee in the middle of Central Park. "So, you didn't get a romantic proposal the first time around, so I thought I'd try again by flying to Central Park and surprising you. Are you surprised?" he began.

"You are the most amazing, fearless," he continued, before being interrupted by a kiss. "Beautiful, wonderful [person] I have ever known and after 25 years, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you again and would love to marry you again."

"If you'll take this, you can make me happy forever."

The heart-melting proposal was met with cheers from fellow park-goers, as the daughter could be heard crying from behind the camera. The video can also be seen in full here.


my daughter and husband have had this planned for months. How is this my life?!

♬ IMPERIAL PIANO - Treia Music

Yet to share exactly why the first proposal all those years ago wasn't up to scratch, the couple have vowed to reveal it on her TikTok account soon.

The video has melted hearts across the world, as viewers have rushed to comment just how touched they were by the gesture.

"I almost thought this was a scene in a romantic comedy with that transition." commented one user.

"I was already teary-eyed, but when he said 'fearless' I lost it," wrote popular TikToker @elysemyers.

"This should be normalized. A second engagement just to reaffirm you're stil in love with me," commented another TikTok user.

"Re-proposals 25 years later when you've already overcome so much is the real deal of what love looks like. To choose each other again," noted one viewer.

On her social media, Katie Prentiss dubbed the proposal "the best gift" she'd ever received.

Newsweek has contacted Katie Prentiss for comment.


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