Republican Congressman Calls Trump Impeachment Inquiry 'a Complete American Waste of Time'

House Democrats expressed hope Donald Trump will participate in the impeachment inquiry, but one Republican congressman called it "a waste of time."

Florida Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings said she's hopeful Trump or his attorneys will participate and formally defend himself in the impeachment inquiry, but Georgia GOP Congressman Doug Collins dismissed that suggestion entirely Sunday morning.

As reported by CBS News Saturday, Collins requested more Republican-backed constitutional scholars at the first House Judiciary committee impeachment hearing Wednesday. On Sunday, Collins responded to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace's inquiry into whether Trump will mount a legitimate defense of his Ukraine dealings by simply writing off the hearings altogether.

Will White House counsel participate in the impeachment inquiry to mount a defense of the president? Rep Doug Collins, ranking member of the Judiciary committee, reacts: "this is a complete American waste of time right here." #FNS #FoxNews #Impeachment

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Wallace asked Collins during the interview if the latter knew whether the White House counsel is going to participate and mount a defense of the president.

"I think we're still looking at that, but I have a question for you Chris: why would they want to participate in just another rerun? We're back here again by the way in rerun season here in the Judiciary Committee," Collins said. "We've already had constitutional scholars in the committee talking about the Mueller report and others [asking], 'Is there an impeachable offense?' This is a complete American waste of time right here."

"The problem is [chairman] Jerry Nadler and the rest of them have already [made up their] mind. They're already writing the articles of impeachment, whether they have any fairness, process."

Collins referenced a Saturday letter he wrote to Democratic House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler requesting a more "balanced" panel of constitutional scholars and academics at the committee's first impeachment hearing on Wednesday. He claimed there is a "3 to 1 ratio" of scholars in favor of impeaching Trump. Collins said there were "more than four times as many witnesses" during the Bill Clinton impeachment hearings and a balanced ratio of people brought in to testify in that ultimately unsuccessful impeachment process.

"I think the problem here is the [Democrats] are on a timeframe to try and finish this out by the end of the year," Collins continued. "Because they want to get at this president, right now, before everybody sees through this process sham [ahead of] the elections next year."

Collins said Democrats are trying to "overturn" the votes of the nearly 63 million people who voted for Trump in 2016.

Speaking with ABC News on Sunday, Florida Democratic Representative Val Demings expressed her hope that Trump will represent himself and send attorneys to the hearings.

Rep. Val Demings says she hopes Pres. Trump will participate in the impeachment inquiry: "We are certainly hoping the president, his counsel will take advantage of that opportunity."

The White House has not indicated whether they will participate.

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"I think the main focus right now is to have the president and his counsel, who you know are given the same privileges as President Nixon and President Clinton had, to engage and participate in this impeachment process," Demings said.

"We are certainly hoping the president, his counsel will take advantage of that opportunity," she continued. "If he has done nothing wrong, we're certainly anxious to hear an explanation of that."

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Ranking House Judiciary committee Republican Doug Collins laughed off Trump having to defend himself: "completely American waste of time" MARK WILSON / Staff/Getty Images