Republican County Commissioner Urges Americans to Arm Themselves for the 'Coming War'

A Republican county commissioner in Kansas has urged Americans to "buy a firearm and ammunition" in preparation for a "coming war" which he blamed on Democratic leaders.

Michael Brown, who sits on the Johnson County commission in suburban Kansas City, said in a Facebook post that his call to arms was "not a joke nor is it hyperbole. It is a real fight for control of America..."

Using the hashtags "All Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter," Brown said: "I've always understood the premise that one shouldn't beat the drums of war unless they're ready go to war."

In a message that echoed President Donald Trump's claim that a Joe Biden presidency would "give free rein to violent anarchists," Brown added: "I've also always understood that when someone insisted on beating the war drum, that war is inevitable.

"I hear the war-drum in the distance from a not far away place foreshadowing in whispers the haunting cadence of the coming war.

"Now think about who sits silent on this topic while officers are shot and killed, buildings burn and anarchy rules the night."

He accused senior Democrats including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of being "weak" and the "merchants of exploitation."

He added: "They've gone way too far and now it's too late to get it back. And that is causing panic on the left which will lead to a ramping up of more chaos, so prepare yourself; prepare to vote, prepare to support candidates who carry your message, buy a firearm and ammunition and take a class now to learn how to safely use it to defend yourself and your property."

The post, which was later deleted, led to widespread condemnation, including from Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, who said the remarks contained "gross distortions" and were "racist" and "reckless."

"At a time when heated rhetoric rarely surprises me, I have to admit shock in seeing something like this from a local elected," Lucas added.

Brown, a commissioner for the most populous county in Kansas, describes himself in his Twitter bio as a "husband, dad, businessman, Kansan, Johnson County Commissioner, skier, unafraid and Conservative Republican... not necessarily in that order."

He has courted controversy in the past with Facebook posts describing the COVID-19 pandemic as a "political stunt" and urged constituents to "get a grip."

His latest post was written in response to Monday's shooting of two Los Angeles County deputies when a gunman opened fire on a parked sheriff's squad car.

Responding to criticism of his remarks, Brown said in an email to The Kansas City Star that he was "speaking out against violence and calling on other electeds, community leaders and citizens to do the same."

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A sign indicates a gun shop in San Antonio, June 17 2009. Michael Brown said people should 'buy a firearm and ammunition and take a class now to learn how to safely use it to defend yourself and your property.' Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images