'Resident Evil 2' Remake DLC Release Time: When Can You Download 'The Ghost Survivors'?

"The Ghost Survivors," the first DLC content pack for the Resident Evil 2 remake, is out this Friday, February 15. But when will you be able to download the DLC on PS4, Xbox One and Windows?

What's the release time for "The Ghost Survivors" DLC?

Here's the bad news: since "The Ghost Survivors" will be released as an update, rather than DLC pack in online game stores, its release time won't necessarily hew to the typical download windows for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

We'll be keeping an eye out on the Resident Evil social media accounts, which will announce when "The Ghost Survivors" is available.

Return to Raccoon City.

Capcom shares gameplay details about three gripping "what if" stories coming to Resident Evil 2: https://t.co/8tFJAWJuFw pic.twitter.com/vrprnxkgqO

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) February 13, 2019

'Resident Evil 2' Remake DLC Content

In the first Resident Evil 2 remake DLC, you'll be able to unlock new accessories, including a tiger mask and a "cuddly raccoon that sits on your character's head," whatever that means.

But "The Ghost Survivors" is more than a set of new costumes and weapons. Instead, it's three newly playable characters—each a minor character in the Resident Evil 2 campaign—with their own "What if?" scenario missions. "The Ghost Survivors" DLC is best thought of as an extension of post-game modes like "The 4th Survivor" and "The Tofu Survivor," in which you'll try to escape Raccoon City as quickly as possible.

In "No Time to Mourn," you play as gun shop owner Robert Kendo, blasting your way through the streets of Raccoon City to get to a friend's helicopter. He encounters a brand new type of poisonous zombie.

See things from Robert Kendo's perspective in "The Ghost Survivors" DLC. Capcom

"Runaway" is set before the events of Resident Evil 2, as the mayor's daughter Katherine tries to escape Racoon City and comes across super-strong zombies that can only be taken out with powerful ammunition.

Play as the mayor's daughter, Katherine Warren, in upcoming "Resident Evil 2" DLC "The Ghost Survivors." Capcom

Finally, players can join the Umbrella Security Services as special agent Ghost in the "Forgotten Soldier" mission. Ghost will be confronted by zombies in body armor.

Play as an Umbrella soldier in "The Ghost Survivors" DLC. Capcom

All three missions can be played on regular difficulty and in an easier "Training" mode, which starts you off with additional items and item slots.

'Resident Evil 2' Remake DLC Costumes

Also out on February 15 are polygonal, retro versions of Leon and Claire. The new costumes/skins for the RE2 remake aren't part of "The Ghost Survivors" DLC, so you'll need to go to the PlayStation Store or other system shops to download the costumes separately.

Old meets new!

Make a clear fashion statement that screams 1998, by equipping these low-poly costumes for Leon and Claire in your next playthrough!

The outfits will be downloadable for free for all #RE2 players, starting February 15th! pic.twitter.com/qgqcpyaCxF

— Resident Evil (@RE_Games) February 8, 2019

Both the new DLC costumes and "The Ghost Survivors" will be available for download in a free update to the Resident Evil 2 remake, beginning February 15.