'Resident Evil 2' Safe and Locker Combinations: All the Unlock Combos in the 'RE2' Remake

Similar to a Metroidvania-style game, playing Resident Evil 2 is a gradual process of unlocking the environment around you, as new items and keys grant you access to areas where you can win entry to other locked areas you've previously encountered. Most of the combos you'll need to unlock safes, combination locks and lockers you'll find during the normal course of play. They're typically hidden in letters or in film canisters. There's a solution to every safe, and often that solution is right under your nose.

But if you're trying to push through Leon or Claire's campaign as quickly as you can, or if you're playing RE2 exclusively for the zombie-killing action, then we've got the combos that'll get you gear fast. Or, maybe you're just looking to find the combination to that one pesky locker you never unlocked the first time around.

Unlocking Safes, Lockers and Combination Locks in Resident Evil 2

Safes and lockers you haven't unlocked yet are labeled on the map with an exclamation mark. Capcom

Resident Evil 2 Safe Combinations

West Office Safe

  • Combination: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7
  • Inside: Hip Pouch

In the West Office, where you'll also encounter combo locks on Leon's desk, first check out the private office in the corner of the room. There, you'll find a safe. The combination can be found on a "Internal Memo," but if there's just one combination it's worth cheating on, it's this one, because inside is a hip pouch that adds two extra inventory slots, a super useful thing to have as early in the game as possible, especially because you'll often struggle to manage inventory in the early hours of the Resident Evil 2 campaign.

Safe combinations are often found in letters and memos. Capcom

East Waiting Room Safe

  • Combination: Left 6, Right 2, Left 11
  • Inside: Muzzle Brake (Leon), Extended Mag (Claire)

To open this safe, you'll need to find a "Confiscation Report," which has a sticky note affixed to it in a plastic bag with the safe combo printed on it. While an extended mag is always appreciated, Leon's muzzle brake is the better get here, since it increases accuracy for your workhorse pistol, Matilda.

Treatment Pool Room Safe

  • Combination: Left 2, Right 12, Left 8
  • Inside: Shotgun Stock (Leon), Hip Pouch (Claire)

This is the easiest safe in the game: the combination is written right on the side of it in chalk! With the Shotgun Stock (W-870) Leon finds inside, you can pump lead downrange faster.

Some safes in "Resident Evil 2" are easier to unlock than others. Capcom

Leon's Desk Lock Combinations

How adorable: the Raccoon City Police Department have decorate the office in your honor! Too bad they've all been torn to shreds. In the West Office you'll find what's left of the RCPD welcoming committee. Leon's new desk is at the end of the double row, which is where you'll find a letter called "Rookie's First Assignment":

Your coworkers didn't plan for the zombie apocalypse. Capcom

"Leon S. Kennedy, we're putting you on a very special case for your first assignment.

Your mission is… to unlock your desk!"

Yes, it's a little friendly office hazing. Maybe it's better they're dead.

The key to figuring out the combinations to the two locks on Leon's desk is finding the first initials of each of your fellow officers. The three first name initials in each row are the combos to the combination locks.

This is a really easy puzzle, which is mostly made trickier by the multiple cop zombies in the room. But kill or give them the runaround and you shouldn't have too much trouble. To solve the puzzle, check the name plates on each desk.

On one side you have NED: Neil Carson, Elliot Edward and David Ford.

On the other side it's MRG: Marvin Branagh, Rita Phillips and George Scott, whose nameplate is a little harder to find because it's fallen to the floor.

What's inside the safe varies depending on whether you're playing as Leon or Claire. If you're Leon, it's an extended mag for Matilda, giving you a 24-shot capacity. If you're Claire, it will be a speed loader for your revolver, which makes the otherwise frustratingly slow-to-load weapon a lot more useful.

You'll get a trophy for the first solution you find to unlocking a 3-letter combination lock, often found on lockers. Capcom

Resident Evil 2 Locker Combos

Unlike safes and other in-game combinations, lockers are strictly optional. They only ever offer extra ammo. But if you want to use some of the game's most powerful weapons, lockers can be a powerful enabler.

2nd Floor Shower Room, Police Station

You might already be familiar with this room, it's the shower room where the steam valve is broken.

  • Combination: CAP
  • Inside: Grenade Launcher Flame Ammo (Claire) / Shotgun Ammo (Leon)

3rd Floor Locker, Police Station

This locker combination can be found on a film canister, which can be developed in the first floor darkroom.

  • Combination: DCM
  • Inside: SMG Ammo (Claire) / Magnum Ammo (Leon)

Worker's Breakroom Locker, Sewers

This locker is found in the sewers. To open it, you'll need to find the Jazz Festival Flier. Three letters are circled on it, in the words "September," "Jazz" and "Free."

  • Combination: SZF
  • Inside: SMG Ammo (Claire) / Magnum Ammo (Leon)
One headshot won't be enough when it comes to "Resident Evil 2" zombies. Capcom

You're the lockmaster now. Don't let it go to your head—Tyrant still stomps these halls.