'Resident Evil 2' New Game Plus: Unlock New Modes and Get the Remake's True Ending

The Resident Evil 2 remake really wants you to play through the campaign more than once, even ranking your various playthroughs on an easy-to-access "Results" page. Resident Evil 2 doesn't have a traditional new game plus—where you can run through the campaign with all the late-game gear and weapons already in your inventory—but it does have a number of features that alter the game on a subsequent playthrough. Whether you choose to play as Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield your first go-around (we have opinions on which is better) you'll need to play both versions of the campaign to experience the game's true ending and unlock new game modes—the closest the RE2 remake has to a new game plus.

Resident Evil 2: New Game Plus Modes

Yes, this happens in the "Resident Evil 2" remake. No, there are not enough bullets in the world. Capcom

To access the second new game plus campaign make sure you pick "2nd Run," rather than starting a new campaign. Both campaigns differ in several ways, with different companions, bosses and endings. But to get the real Resident Evil 2 ending, you'll need to beat both.

Instead of replaying the Resident Evil 2 campaign with late-game weapons, the new game plus mode in the remake involves a completely different set of weapons and a new character. In Leon's campaign you'll fight off zombies and escape the Raccoon City Police Department with the help of the Matilda pistol, W-870 shotgun and Lightning Hawk magnum pistol. Later in the game you'll get your hands on the flamethrowing Chemical Thrower. Claire has a different starting pistol—the SLS 60 automatic revolver (it keeps firing as long as the trigger is down)—and eventually picks up a mod that turns the SLS 60 from a 9mm into a magnum She also gets the MQ 11 SMS submachine gun, the GM 79 Grenade Launcher plus a stun gun. So while, unlike traditional new game plus modes, you won't be able to play through with more powerful weapons, Resident Evil 2 does let you play through with radically different weapons, which, imo, is even better.

Hunk in "Resident Evil 2." Capcom

After beating the campaign with both Leon and Claire, a new mode opens up: "The 4th Survivor." In "The 4th Survivor" you play as Hunk, a special agent of the villainous Umbrella Security Service. "The 4th Survivor" isn't a full-fledged campaign—it's more like a gauntlet run, pitting you against numerous enemies with limited ammo. While the main campaign can take five to 10 hours per playthrough (my first time took eight and a half hours), "The 4th Survivor" is a matter of minutes. Still, these are some very challenging minutes.

Are you ready for some tofu? Capcom

Beating "The 4th Survivor" unlocks yet another post-game mode, "The Tofu Survivor." In this version, you play Hunk's gauntlet, but as a giant piece of tofu, armed only with a knife. It's the game's hardest, and silliest, challenge. The Resident Evil 2 remake may not have a new game plus mode in the same way as Resident Evil 4 did, but it still has a lot of post-game content.

Resident Evil 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox and PC.