Response to Let's Go Brandon Trump Christmas Decorations Video Goes Viral

A brutal put-down of a video that showed off a Christmas tree decked out in Donald Trump flags has gone viral on TikTok.

Film editor R. Michael McWhorter, of Florida, shared his take on a TikTok video that showed a Christmas tree decked out with Donald Trump 2024 flags, a life-size cutout of the former President, all while a "Let's Go Brandon" remix song played in the background.

McWhorter, who goes by TizzyEnt on TikTok, uploaded the response video to user @meganskaggs6 last week that included the clip and his response, which then looped back to the start.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 581,000 times, started with @meganskaggs6's clip that showed off her Christmas tree, complete with Trump 2024 flags, American flags, and a life-size cutout of the former President in the background.

It was also accompanied with a remix of the phrase "Let's Go, Brandon," a popular anti-Joe Biden meme that came into use after NBC reporter Kelli Stavast incorrectly said spectators were saying the phrase in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. But, the audio revealed the crowd was, in fact, chanting "f*** Joe Biden."

However, McWhorter appeared to have an issue with the clip and linked it to right-wing and conservative media claims of a "war on Christmas," where Christian messaging is supposedly removed from the festive occasion.

In the looped video, McWhorter said: "Also them, 'they's wanna take Christ out of Christmas.' Y'all get upset over the holiday cup designs at Starbucks, but you'll…"

The video was liked more than 103,000 times and had garnered some 4,140 comments since it was uploaded last week.


#stitch with @meganskaggs6 Take Christ out of Christmas.

♬ original sound - TizzyEnt

Many of those commenting on the video were supportive of McWhorter's comments and appeared shocked by the choice to deck the tree in Trump decorations.

One commenter said: "Could you imagine walking into someone's house and seeing this? Regardless of your political beliefs, this is insane."

Another added: "So much for Christmas being about Jesus, their savior…I can't anymore."

A third commented: "I've never seen such worship over a person. Sure most of us support our particular political party. But these people with Trump…What is it? Why Trump?"

Newsweek has contacted @meganskaggs6 for comment.

The supposed "War on Christmas" has been a longstanding claim made by conservatives, which argues that Christian messaging is being removed from the holiday.

During his presidency, Trump claimed the phrase "Merry Christmas" had returned during his tenure, although Pew polls have shown Americans are growing more indifferent about yuletide greetings in stores.

In a December 2017 tweet, Trump said: "People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led this charge against the assault on our cherished and beautiful phrase. Merry Christmas."

Donald Trump and Christmas tree
Donald Trump vowed to return the phrase "Merry Christmas" to common use during his presidency. The video of the Trump decorations was slammed online. Getty

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