Restaurant Manager Attacked By Customer Who Wouldn't Pay Tip in Surveillance Video

The manager of a restaurant in Massachusetts said she was attacked by a customer whose table refused to leave a tip.

Yan Lin, who runs Koto Grill and Sushi in Salem, told CBS Boston that she has been left shaken by the incident, which was caught on surveillance video.

The encounter occurred on Saturday night when a group of tourists had asked one of the restaurant's servers to split the bill four ways, but they then refused to leave a tip.

Lin said that she stepped in to ask the table to tip their server. After this, one of the diners followed her up to the checkout.

The woman demanded her credit card back before pushing Lin into a wall, an action that is clearly visible in the surveillance footage.

In the clip, Lin can be seen using a credit card machine, when the woman suddenly appears and tries to grab the card off her, knocking objects over on the counter.

The women proceeds to claw at the manager, shoving her several times before walking off. All the while, the manager can be seen trying to defend herself.

After the incident, Lin told the news station: "I was scared. Without any sign she just attacked me."

She added: "The only thing in my mind is, you know, glad it is not my server who get attacked, it's me. I am a strong woman."

Lin said she gave the surveillance footage to the police, who responded to a call from the restaurant.

The manager said this is already a difficult time of year as she tries to run a restaurant during the peak tourism season amid a global pandemic.

She also said she is still shaken up two days later and is searching for the woman involved.

Newsweek has contacted Salem Police Department for comment.

Social distancing measures are still in place in Boston due to the coronavirus outbreak. Restaurant customers in Salem are expected to wear face coverings except when seated at their table, keep a distance from others, and avoid psychical contact with staff and guests, among other guidelines.

The Massachusetts Health Department reported more than 142,000 COVID-19 cases and 9,537 COVID related deaths, as of Tuesday. There have been 821 new cases reported in the last day and 5 new deaths.

As of Monday, the total number of coronavirus cases for the City of Boston was 18,834, with 16,110 recovered and 771 deaths, according to authorities.