Restaurant Owners' Hilarious Responses to Bad Reviews Revealed

There is no faster way to ruin a cozy night in than a disappointing food delivery. Whether it comes late, cold or congealed, it can make the calmest person's blood boil.

Many who don't enjoy the food that arrives at their door take the time to lament their misery online by leaving the restaurant a poor review.

However, these comments are not just viewed by other potential customers—the staff also see them too, and lots choose to respond.

Although the replies are usually courteous, an Instagram account chronicling the most hilarious of these interactions has been gaining lots of traction online.

Takeaway Trauma so far has 119,000 followers, and showcases screenshots of U.K.-based reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor and Google—and it is great comedic value.

One post shows a woman named Lily's one-star typo-ridden review, posted at 2:56 AM, which reads: "Very late and not what I orderedf M."

In response a Grill King staffer has hilariously commented: "Hi Lily your food was delivered in 40 minutes. The driver gave it to you in your drive where you were found throwing up. Hope you got in ok."

Another stand-out post came after Suad wrote: "Food don't have taste and it wasn't enjoyable service was good I asked for hot food it was hot but no taste."

The establishment clapped back, writing: "Please get a COVID test." This is in reference to the fact that loss of taste is a symptom of coronavirus.

Additionally someone called Harry left a three-star review for a place called The Milkshake City, explaining his order "was okay, food came late and cold."

The dessert bar, clearly confused, replied: "Hi there Harry milkshakes are usually cold I didn't know that you could do milkshakes hot and you had a piece of cheesecake.

"Sorry I do apologise that I didn't boil your milkshake for you."

One that really made us laugh was a three-star review left by a woman called Jenny, who typed: "Ordered a pizza and delivered half a pizza to me?

"Rang up to be told I need to pay for another pizza? Joke of a shop AVOID."

The owner then explained: "Hi Jenny. Hope you are doing well as you have ordered a calzone which is a folded pizza it comes like this."

But perhaps the king of comebacks is an anonymous restaurateur who typed back to a one-star review: "Thank you haters are my motivators."

Newsweek has contacted Takeaway Trauma for comment.

Man holding his stomach while eating
A stock image of a man holding his stomach while eating. An Instagram account which showcases restaurant reviews, and their replies, has been making many laugh online. Getty Images