Reunited Couple Says Near-Divorce Left Them $100K in Debt in Video Viewed 6M Times

A couple has turned to social media to share their unconventional love story—which they say inadvertently left them $100,000 in debt. The video, shared on TikTok last month, has since accumulated 6.8 million views and over 184,000 likes.

It's common knowledge that getting divorced is often an expensive endeavor. According to a 2019 report from Bankrate, the average divorce in America costs around $15,000. Typically, these expenses include everything from court filing costs to litigation or mediation. However, if the divorce process is prolonged, or if custody is involved, costs can increase significantly.

The average cost of a divorce is a small price to pay compared to the fees accumulated by TikToker Brittany Jade and her husband amid their divorce proceedings. The thing is—they never actually got divorced.

In her video, Jade stands beside her husband, facing the camera. Above her head, an on-screen caption reads: "Wanted a divorce." Meanwhile, above his head, it says: "Didn't want a divorce but filed [first] anyway."

The video concludes with text above both of them reading: "Married but $100K in debt."

"Our happily ever after is paying off a divorce we never got," wrote the TikToker in the video's caption. "But for the record, we ALMOST have [my side] of it paid off!"

While Jade and her husband managed to find their way back to one another, the financial burden of their near-divorce remains.

Commenters were stunned by the couple's debt and flocked to the comments section for more information. "What kind of divorce costs $100K?!" asked @demiguise6.

"A divorce that wasn't mutual," replied Jade, before adding: "I was struggling really bad [with] addiction so there were restraining orders [and] a huge custody battle."

Jade also wrote that posting about the experience on TikTok has provided supplemental income to actually help pay off the divorce. "[TikTok] is one source of income. Good views = more money," she said.

Other viewers, meanwhile, left comments celebrating the couple's reunion, despite its expensive price point. "I love your happily ever after!" wrote @melissaishere73. "The silver lining is [that] paying it off taught y'all how to grow [and] have a healthy marriage."

"My parents divorced and remarried a few years later," commented @whiskeyandweights. "Sometimes it's just meant to be."

Some commenters were slightly more cynical about the situation: "Can anyone tell me the point of marriage?" asked @pandamanzie.

Several more praised the couple for being "authentic" and "honest" with their viewers.

Newsweek reached out to Jade for comment.

Divorce Papers
Last month, a couple revealed that they never went through with their divorce—but they still accumulated $100,00 of debt in the process. Papers filed by Britney Spears to divorce her then-husband, Kevin Federline, 2006. J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images