Rich People Use Average Joes as Literal Tables, Coat Racks in New Democratic Ad Attacking Republican Tax Bill

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ditched any notion of subtlety with an advertisement it dropped Wednesday.

In the ad, rich businesspeople sit around a conference table, chatting about the breaks they got from the Republican tax plan. The catch? They're using people as a side table and coat rack.

"What happens when the average Joe out there realizes that we got, like, the entire Republican tax cut," one businessman asks the boss seated at the head of the table. "I mean we got like all of it."

"Oh, come on, they got a tax cut, OK?" the boss answers, before the ad reveals the man on his hands and knees, functioning as the boss's table.

"Side table, how much was your tax cut?" the boss asks.

"It was uh... not a lot sir," the man functioning as the table says.

"Yeah but for someone like side table 'not a lot' is actually quite a bit," the boss says. "I bet he saves enough each week to buy, uh, hell I don't know, a latte at Starbucks, right?"

When the man functioning as a side table tries to interject, the boss shouts him down. The ad goes on for a bit longer but eventually reveals another man functioning as a coat rack who is asked to check on the status of the rich folks' lobster tails.

In a tweet accompanying the video of the ad, the DCCC wrote: "Republicans may claim you're winning, but their harmful economic agenda is all about corporate giveaways & tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy. Tired of Republicans putting people last? VOTE. THEM. OUT."

The tax law did hand bigger breaks to the wealthiest Americans. The Tax Policy Center, for instance, found that the 95th to 99th percentile of Americans in regards to income, would get have their taxes reduced by more than $13,400 on average. The tax law will likely be an important issue in the 2018 elections.

Democrats will likely continue to argue it helped the richest Americans while the GOP has argued it will help to economy overall.

A piece of artwork entitled '$' pictured in London on June 8, 2015. An ad from the DCCC attacked the Republican tax plan, saying it handed even more money to the richest Americans. Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images
Rich People Use Average Joes as Literal Tables, Coat Racks in New Democratic Ad Attacking Republican Tax Bill | U.S.