Richard Barnett, Man Seen Sitting at Nancy Pelosi's Desk, Arrested in Arkansas

Richard Barnett, the man who was photographed sitting at Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during Wednesday's riot at the Capitol, was arrested and faces multiple charges.

Kevin Daley, a reporter for The Washington Free Beacon, tweeted that the Justice Department announced Barnett's arrest in Little Rock, Arkansas, during a press call on Friday. Kurt Maddox, mayor of Barnett's home town of Gravette, Arkansas, also confirmed Barnett was in FBI custody. Barnett was photographed sitting in Pelosi's chair with his foot on her desk.

Barnett, 60, faces charges of entering and remaining on restricted grounds, violent entry and theft of public property, according to NBC News. He's one of at least 26 people sought by the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department, which offered a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to their arrest and indictment.

richard barnett arrest pelosi
Richard Barnett sits inside the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday during the riot at the U.S. Capitol. He was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Friday morning. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty

Ahead of his arrest, Barnett told Arkansas TV station KFSM he had traveled to Washington, D.C., to hear President Donald Trump speak, adding that the "crowds were unbelievable." By the time he reached the top of the Capitol steps, he said, the protesters had breached the doors and were trying to get inside.

He admitted to participating in the riot inside the building but said he was pushed into the building when the mob broke through the doors.

"I threw my feet up on the desk at that point. I realized some a**holes had cut me also and I bled on her envelope, so I picked up the envelope and put it in my pocket, and I put a quarter on the desk 'cause I'm not a thief," Barnett told KFSM.

Barnett also told the TV station that "hell no," he wasn't "scared" about the possibility that he might face federal charges for entering Pelosi's office. But he rejected the idea that had done "anything," saying he was "walking around looking for a bathroom."

Along with Barnett, West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans was arrested and charged in connection with the rioting on Friday, according to NBC News. Evans has rejected calls for him to resign from his position, and his attorney offered a story similar to Barnett's.

"Given the sheer size of the group walking in, Evans had no choice but to enter," attorney John Bryan said. "Evans continued to film once inside. His footage showed that members of the public were already inside the Capitol by the time he entered. Evans' footage shows no riotous behavior taking place at that time. Protesters can be seen calmly walking around."

Evans' peers in the West Virginia Legislature have called for him to be removed from office. Republican Delegate Steve Westfall told radio station WMOV there could be a vote to remove him from his position.

"I believe the first order of business after [selecting leadership] is there will be a motion made to remove Derrick Evans as a member of the House," Westfall said. "And there'll be debate on it up and down, and there'll be a vote."

The delegate added, "If there is a vote, I will vote to remove him. I just think he let us all down. He made us look bad."

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.