New 'Rick and Morty' Behind-The-Scenes Videos Reveal Morty Has No Butt

New Rick and Morty videos give us insight into both the current state of Rick and Morty animation—as the team works on Season 4—and a look behind-the-scenes of the already-classic Season 3 episode "Pickle Rick."

In concert with Rick and Morty appearances at both New York Comic Con and the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles, Adult Swim has released two videos from behind-the-scenes on Rick and Morty. The first is an extended clip of bloopers from the making of "Pickle Rick," in particular co-creator Justin Roiland's complete inability to hold it together as Rick brazenly lies to Morty.

We've had other looks into Roiland's voice acting process before, though the last video posted from inside the soundbooth involved four shots of tequila. This time, Roiland is dead sober, in part because "Pickle Rick" was intentionally designed to comment on Rick's alcoholism without referencing it directly (just one of the reveals on the "Pickle Rick" commentary).

The other Rick and Morty behind-the-scenes video features Rick and Morty art director Jeffrey Thompson (watch it up top), narrating a demo of do's and don'ts for drawing Rick and Morty. Animation style guides can often give us interesting insight into the show's aesthetic, such as Thompson's reveal of how they alter characters who "look a little bit too normal to live in the Rick and Morty universe." All it takes is moving one eyeball up and out of alignment, so the character looks more like something out of Roiland's sketchbook.

Other rules are subtle character traits that viewers would probably never recognize, unless they were changed. For example, Thompson reveals that Morty's hair never continues beneath his ears. He even describes the Morty's "lip-to-chin" ratio and how his ears line up with his eyes. Rick's head isn't round, but "pill-shaped."

"When drawing Morty's body you need to keep the distances equal and parallel to one another," Thompson says, sketching out Morty. "When drawing Morty's butt, you need to make sure it goes directly into his leg. Hate to break it to you ladies, Morty doesn't have a butt."

Big reveal: Morty has no butt. Consider that your first Season 4 spoiler.