'Rick and Morty' Pringles: Where to Buy 'Pickle Rick' Chips

Pringles has teamed up with Adult Swim to create Rick and Morty themed chips in time for Super Bowl LIV.

Pringles' "Pickle Rick" edition will be available in early February 2020 at major retailers nationwide. Chip fans can get more information on the Pringles Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

After its third season, Rick and Morty was rated number one comedy across all of television with young adults, according to Nielsen ratings. The show follows the adventures of an eccentric scientist, Rick, and his grandson, Morty, as they travel to infinite and different dimensions.

Originally announced back in December 2019, the flavor "Pickle Rick" is a take on the third episode of the award-winning series' third season. The episode sees Rick transform into a pickle to avoid attending a family therapy session. In pickle form, Rick's adventure takes him through the sewer, to a foreign government agency, and eventually to the family therapy session.

Rick and Morty Pringles
"Rick and Morty" is making its debut at the Super Bowl 2020 in a collaboration with Pringles. Pringles

An ad, which will be shown during the second quarter of Super Bowl LIV, will feature Rick, Morty and his sister Summer in a dystopian scene where a Pringles robot—disguised as Morty—appears overly enthusiastic about the Spicy Barbecue Pizza stack, made using Pringles Pizza, Barbeque and Jalapeno crisps. Rick becomes wise to Morty's ruse, using bizarrely out of character corporate jargon to unmask the Mortybot only to realize they are all trapped inside a Pringles commercial.

"With alternate universes taking a front seat in pop culture with television and movies, we love how ahead of trend Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were when developing the concept for the show," said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. "The Pringles brand aims to do the same with flavor development and product innovations. As a result, when identifying a partner for our ad campaign this year, their forward-thinking attitude combined with the show's popularity and younger audience made this partnership a natural fit."

Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships at Adult Swim, said, "Rick and Morty is the biggest comedy show around, so of course we were extremely excited about their first trip to the Big Game."

pickle rick pringles
The Rick and Morty-inspired Pickle Rick Pringles. Available early February 2020. Kellogg's

The 30-second spot was created in a partnership between Adult Swim and Grey Group, an advertising firm.

This isn't the first time Pringles collaborated on new and fun flavors. In November 2019, the company launched a Thanksgiving-themed flavor, Turducken. The chips proved so popular that they sold out online in one day. Luckily, the Friendsgiving Feast was still available in stores.