'Rick and Morty' Season 4 Reveals How Evil Morty and His Citadel Government Is Doing

It looks like Rick and Morty Season 4 will return once more to the Citadel, currently ruled over by the despotic Evil Morty, who consolidated power with a wave of murders after winning an election in Season 3's best episode, "The Ricklantis Mixup."

Douglas Einar Olsen, a storyboard artist for Rick and Morty Season 4, used the election of Evil Morty for a bit of Election Day stumping of his own, posting to Twitter images of various Mortys urging you to "f---ing vote."

"Aw jeez, do we really want an Evil Morty to rule the Citadel?" Olsen asked.

But one responder noted that, despite all his evident villainy, Evil Morty was "a democratically elected candidate."

"Guess we'll just have to see how his administration is faring this upcoming season," Olsen replied, adding a winking emoji.

That certainly sounds like confirmation, from someone in a position to know, that Season 4 will return to the Citadel and Evil Morty.

Of course, it's possible Olsen is operating on the same basic assumption as the rest of us: after setting up such a compelling villain in Season 1, then maneuvering him into a place of incredible power in Season 3, how could the Rick and Morty writers possibly resist the temptation to further the Evil Morty saga in Season 4? We've reached out for comment and will update with Olsen's reply.

But that winking emoji! I just can't help but read this as insider knowledge.

There's still a lot we don't know about Evil Morty, including his plans for the Rick from Dimension C-137 ("our" Rick). Introduced in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind," Evil Morty pinned his murder plot on Rick, but his motives didn't really seem to revolve around C-137 Rick. Instead, Evil Morty only wanted to suck the knowledge out of the heads of as many Rick as possible.

After winning the election, Evil Morty purged his political enemies and instituted a fascist regime aboard the Citadel. Adult Swim

His election victory and purge of the Rick elite aboard the Citadel in Season 3 followed a similar pattern: his plans don't seem to have anything to do with the main characters of Rick and Morty. The last we heard, Rick and Morty were more interested in "mermaid puss" than revisiting the Citadel, so it remains a mystery how their paths will intersect with Evil Morty in Season 4.

With Rick and Morty renewed for 70 episodes, it now looks like we have a good idea of what we'll see in at least one of them. Evil Morty is back. (There's still no release date for Season 4, though.)