'Rick and Morty' Twosome Land 'Solar Opposites' on Hulu, Co-creator Justin Roiland Reveals Art from New Show

A new series from Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan and co-creator Justin Roiland will premiere on Hulu in 2020. Solar Opposites follows a family of alien refugees as they experience the ups and downs of life in middle America. As in Rick and Morty, Roiland will voice two of the main characters, aliens named "Korvo" and "Terry," share a home with "Yumyulack" and "Jesse."

The name Terry should have a particular resonance to Rick and Morty fans, who likely remember Roiland's song "Terryfolds," from the the third season episode "Rest and Ricklaxation." The song became an unexpected hit, reaching #33 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart.

That's not the only part of Solar Opposites likely to remind viewers of Rick and Morty. The aesthetic is vintage Roiland, as revealed in photos from the development process Roiland posted to Twitter all the way back in 2015:

While it's likely Solar Opposites has changed substantially since pre-production, Roiland's posts point to an origin story similar to Superman, with the alien family blasting off from their home planet right before it was destroyed by a comet impact.

Where Roiland is known for his goofy voices, freewheeling dialogue and expansive imagination, McMahan is described by producers and writers on Rick and Morty as an encyclopedic source of science fiction. In addition to reading widely within the genre, McMahan is known for his tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation in his book, Warped: An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season.

Roiland and McMahan will be working on Solar Opposites concurrently with the ongoing writing of Rick and Morty Season 4, writers for which recently reconvened after protracted negotiations concluded with a massive, 70-episode order from Adult Swim.