Ridiculously Premature Oscar Predictions

In a big studio year with no "Shakespeare in Love" lurking about, where's your surest bet for Oscar nominations? The best-actor category: Spacey, Carrey, Russell Crowe and Denzel look like shoo-ins. What's the buzz on the other noms?

Out With the Old Warhorse directors (Kubrick, Scorsese, Reiner) struck out. New talents (Spike Jonze, David O. Russell, Sam Mendes) earned respect, and maybe a shot at noms.

Which Tom Cruise? 'Eyes Wide Shut': Shut out. But don't pity Tom--he'll get a supporting nom for his saucy turn in the upcoming 'Magnolia.'

Big Guns 'American Beauty' nailed the Zeitgeist--it'll rack 'em up. 'The Insider' skews old and serious, perfect for the Oscar crowd.

Big Guns to Come 'Angela's Ashes' screams Oscar movie, if it delivers. Star Emily Watson could finally get a win. 'Anna and the King': Testing great, with lots of costumes--Oscar loves that.

I See Little Statues 'Sixth Sense' was a hit so huge it'll be hard to ignore. Expect a nom for the screenplay, plus one for the kid star.

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