Right Wing: Mexican President Lectures Obama

This Week in Conservative Media

I'm not sure what Mexican President Felipe Calderón could say that will win him any points in conservative media circles. Tensions are just too high.

Instead he's been widely criticized for making one inappropriate comment after the other as he tours Washington this week. Calderón has said he "strongly disagrees" with Arizona's strict new immigration law, which he has called "discriminatory." Fox News immediately jumped on him, pointing out how "Mexican President Felipe Calderón has been ripping into Arizona's immigration law as he tours Washington—while appearing to disregard the way his own country cracks down on immigrants along Mexico's southern border. Mexico repeatedly has been cited by human-rights groups for abusing or turning a blind eye to the abuse of migrants from Central America."

Today a Fox News anchor asked Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) if he felt the Mexican president was lecturing Americans. McCaul responded that Calderón's comments were "inappropriate" and that he was "pandering to his constituency back in Mexico."

RedState's Mark Impomeni underscores a key word in comments about Arizona's immigration law made by Calderón that particularly bugs him. "At the start of Wednesday's White House visit, Calderón said the law discriminated against Mexicans and called for the two countries to work together to develop an immigration policy that did not force people to live in the shadows 'with such laws as the Arizona law, which is forcing our people to face discrimination.' [emphasis added]"

It just got worse after that, according to Impomeni. "Obama did not defend Arizona, as one might expect a President of the United States to do, especially at the White House. No, that's not what change looks like. Obama instead joined in with a foreign head of state in bashing US citizens on US soil." Other, smaller conservative bloggers like JamieWearingFool chimed in: "Nice to see a foreigner getting involved in our domestic politics while the current occupant of the White House stands there like a deaf mute." Fox News is now surveying viewers to see if they think Calderón's comments were "inappropriate."