Riley Curry Is the Real Champion of the NBA

Riley Curry, being adorable, at an NBA press conference with her dad, Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry. NBA/Youtube

Though the Golden State Warriors have been a joy to watch this season, the true champion has been 2-year-old Riley Curry, the daughter of player Stephen Curry.

The toddler has been an adorable addition to the post-game press conferences, which can be a dreary repetition of the same questions from the same reporters and similar answers from the same handful of exhausted players. Riley has brought some fun into the mix and become an Internet sensation in the process.

She has been mentioned more than half a million times on Twitter, and after Wednesday's win against the Houston Rockets, her name was being tweeted 1,100 times a minute.

On Twitter, Riley has become a beloved meme, as screen shots of her at press conferences are used in just about every situation:

me at work like

— extremely online jeff meltz (@thecultureofme) May 28, 2015

Riley Curry, Toddler League MVP.

— deray (@deray) May 28, 2015

riley curry is my spirit animal

— MAN (@newrose4uuu) May 20, 2015

Her popularity has skyrocketed so much that the Raymond Ridder, the Warriors' vice president of communications, has referred to himself as "Riley Curry's PR person." Ridder was handed a wad of chewed gum by Riley during a press conference, and somehow even that kind of gross act was adorable.

Riley is also quotable, as when she told her dad to be quiet during a press conference. "Word up, I feel blessed," she said into the microphone.

Sometimes she's not interested in the microphone at all and hides under the table, as all players probably feel like doing during a presser:

A picture truly is worth a thousand words

— Golden State Warriors (@warriors) May 20, 2015

Even the Golden State Warriors recognize that Riley is as much of an MVP as her dad:

MVPs at the podium.

— Golden State Warriors (@warriors) May 28, 2015