Ring Doorbell Captures Man So 'Tired' He Forgets To Use Keys To Open Door

A video of a "tired" man coming home from work trying to use a fob to open his front door has gone viral on Reddit, prompting other users to share their own experiences.

In the video, shared on Monday by newherel, the clearly exhausted man can be seen trying to open his front door using his fob not once but twice, before realizing what he was doing and looking around to make sure nobody saw him messing up.

The post has attracted a lot of attention among users of the sub r/WatchPeopleDieInside, and in less than twelve hours it has reached over 129,000 upvotes and 3,300 comments.

According to data published by the National Safety Council, more than 69 percent of workers in the United States feel fatigued at work.

Most users sympathized with the tired man in the video, while others felt compelled to share their own similar experiences. One user, unwantedsyllables said: "The look on his face when he realized... I felt that deeply."

Another user, Vexifgaming commented: "You can see the disappointment in his eyes." And theminutedeflation added: "The exhales part says it all."

YesIUnderstandsir pointed out: "looking around to see if anyone else saw what he just did. poor guy." And sliveroverlord said: "He was already dead inside." While another user, cheezchik32, reassured the tired man: "My badge doesn't open my door either."

While some users had similar stories, others had even worse. SaintTraft1984 said: "I have it worse; sometimes I forget to clock in and out work which fucks up my pay for that week. So yeah, not getting paid for putting in a 12 hour shift is demoralizing af."

ELB0Y0 commented: "Years ago I was smoking at our office building's smoking area. Then while smoking I realize I had no recollection of going downstairs. It wasn't my break, I had no idea why I went for a smoke, and I was in the middle of a call and I just placed the other line on hold."

Another fun anecdote comes from Joscarbuck: "I've stopped at a stop sign waiting for a light to turn green. I'm just glad [none] was around to witness it." And MortaniousOne added: "Doesn't sound safe to be driving if your that tired, fatigue kills."

On a similar note, hung_like__podrick also shared a similar story: "I have done that when there were people around to witness it. Didn't notice until the kind person behind me started to honk."

Namebrnd_licorice commented: "On stressful days, I'm prone to attempting to open the front door with my car's key fob." And Hussein_Jane wrote: "I've gotten in my car after running a forklift all day and wondered why it didn't go in reverse when I put my right turn signal on."

Batmansmother shared another similar story: "One time I tried to lock the fridge at work with my car fob after getting there super early on little sleep. It did not work."

One user, Bricejohnson2003 pointed out: "Obviously a doctor getting back from a 30 hour shift. My wife does these during residency and they SUCK. You can tell it's early morning, scrubbed up, and using his card to open the door. I feel sorry for the patients that he had to take care of because he is toast."

And MrJacquers commented: "It's crazy that they make people do that. A tired doctor could be very dangerous to patients." Although thatsnotaknife1 said: "I'm pretty sure his badge says tech but OK."

Another anecdote comes from Imraith-Nimphais: "Former receptionist and I knew I had been doing the job awhile when I answered my home phone with XY Credit Union this is Imraith, how may I direct your call?"

Newsweek has reached out to u/newherel for comment.

tired doctor
A stock image shows a tired doctor resting his hand on the window. A tired man has gone viral for trying to open his house using his work fob and many online strangers have similar stories to tell. Getty Images