Rio 2016: Media Bus Attacked in High-Crime Area of Deodoro

Rio De Janeiro Olympics
Soldiers keep watch in front of a bus before an event inaugurating a new subway line in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 30. Late Tuesday, a media bus was attacked as it traveled away from an event in the impoverished area of Deodoro. Mario Tama/Getty Images

An official media bus has been attacked at the Rio Olympics as it traveled back from an event to the main press hub.

Reports initially suggested that bullets had been fired at the vehicle but officials said projectiles were thrown at it, smashing two windows. The attack took place in the Deodoro district of Rio de Janeiro and the bus, transporting mostly foreign journalists, had to be evacuated.

The journalists had been present at the Deodoro venue, one of four main competition hubs at the Olympics, to watch the the women's basketball before they attempted to head back to the Media Center at the Olympic Park.

A Press Association photographer on board the bus told the British media that the bus stopped amid the attack, and all on board reacted by falling to the floor. "People started shouting 'just keep going'. After a couple of minutes we had a police escort," he said.

The International Olympic Committee said in a statement: "We are aware that a media bus traveling from Deodoro to Barra on the Transcarioca had two windows broken by objects coming from the surrounding area.

"The security authorities are now investigating the incident and we await their report before making further comment."

The attack comes amid concerns about crime and the safety of visitors to Rio De Janeiro, which has a notable disparity between the rich and the poor.

Reporters at the Olympics have noted that Deodoro is an impoverished community, with little being done to help the lives of those who live there, and expensive projects for the games built in the area's shadow. This has left a number of the district's citizens angry.

It is the same area where a bullet was fired into a press center during an equestrian event on Saturday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.