Rio 2016: Food and Drink Is Running Out

Athletes eating fast food at the Olympics
Members of the Olympic team from Chinese Taipei eat fast food in the athletes' village of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on August 1. Olympics organizers have been unable to supply enough food and drink at some Rio venues, but say the situation is being handled. ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

There is not enough food and drink for visitors at the 2016 Rio Olympics, even though the Games started just six days ago. Attendees queued for hours at food stalls, only to find that everything had run out when they reached the counter, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. On Saturday, food stalls at the Future Arena—where handball games are played—were forced to shut early because there were no more supplies left.

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) had raised complaints with the organizing committee of the Games, the organizers confirmed.

Some spectators have left stadiums in the hope of finding supplies elsewhere, according to Mario Andrada, an organizing committee spokesman. However, he added that the situation was being dealt with, and "new food trucks, more efficient water supply, and free water supplies," were on the way.

Many took to Twitter to express their dismay at the reported food shortages at the Olympics.

@Rio2016_en @Olympics food was gone early on day 1 and I could forgive it, but to be still running out of food on day 4 is unacceptable

— Lauren Lockliear (@LaurenLockliear) August 10, 2016

At the athletes' Olympic village, long queues have been reported, but there is food on offer—even if it's fast food.

Line at Athletes Village McDonald's, 4 pm. Don't let them tell you healthy eating is the key to making Olympics.

— John Branch (@JohnBranchNYT) August 3, 2016