RNC Spokesman Tells CDC to Stop Focusing on Racism, Start Looking at Chinese Communists

Republican National Committee (RNC) national spokesperson Paris Dennard attacked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday after the agency said racism was a public health issue.

Dennard told Fox News' America Reports that the CDC should focus on China instead of race and suggested that the Chinese government was responsible for the spread of COVID-19 to the U.S.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky issued the statement about racism on Thursday and highlighted the effects of COVID, saying the "pandemic illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of America a known, but often unaddressed, epidemic impacting public health: racism."

"When I heard this statement from the CDC director, I was appalled because instead of focusing on health disparities, which is what we should do because they're real and COVID highlighted those, the CDC is doing the bidding of the Biden administration by once again inserting race, racism and calling people racist for no reason," Dennard said.

Dennard said that President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party "want to have the American people think that this nation is inherently racist or systemically racist. But it's not."

"I think the CDC should focus on the Communist Party of China," Dennard went on. "COVID-19 came over to this country and it's infected the world and they should be focused on that.

"That issue alone is why we have seen so many people die. Yes, disproportionately in the Black community. It is not the fault of racism. It's the fault of China. Focus on that. Stand up to China and stop calling everybody, everything, and everywhere racist. It's wrong."

"Racism is not just the discrimination against one group based on the color of their skin or their race or ethnicity, but the structural barriers that impact racial and ethnic groups differently to influence where a person lives, where they work, where their children play, and where they worship and gather in community," the CDC said on Thursday.

"Racism is a serious public health threat that directly affects the well-being of millions of Americans. As a result, it affects the health of our entire nation," the agency said.

They pointed to "structural inequities have resulted in stark racial and ethnic health disparities that are severe, far-reaching and unacceptable" that had built up over "generations."

"Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy. I know that we can meet this challenge," Walensky said. "I know that we can create an America where all people have the opportunity to live a healthy life when we each take responsibility and work together. I am committed to this work."

Biden Tours CDC in Atlanta, Georgia
US President Joe Biden (L) tours the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 19, 2021. The CDC has said racism is a public health issue. ERIC BARADAT/AFP/Getty Images