RNC Spokesperson: Democrats Want 'a Few Hundred Thousand Russians' to Vote in U.S. Elections

A Republican National Committee spokesperson was shut down during a Fox News segment on Saturday after suggesting that Democrats want "hundreds of thousands of Russians" to come to the United States and vote in elections.

GOP spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany appeared on the Fox & Friends show on July 21 alongside Wendy Osefo, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and a regular political television personality. The segment was devoted to discussing the California proposition of allowing non-citizens to cast ballots in local elections when McEnany began discussing national politics and Russian election meddling in 2016.

"The left always conceals from us their true intentions and make no mistake Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, the left want to see illegal immigrants enfranchised across the country," McEnany argued on the show.

McEnany continued, stating that "for a party that says they care so much about foreign influence in our election, they don't seem to care about illegal immigrants, non-citizens, voting."

But the segment really took a turn when the GOP spokeswoman directed a question at Osefo directly, asking her what she would do "if Vladimir Putin decides to send over a few hundred thousands to vote in our federal elections? According to the left, that's exactly what you want."

Osefo fired back, telling McEnany: "You can't tell me what I want, Kayleigh, because you don't know anything."

Osefo then went on to point to several historical examples of immigrants and non-citizens voting in U.S. elections until 1926. Osefo's latest scholarly research involves looking at the effects of the 2016 presidential election on minority groups, according to her website.

Fox News personality Pete Hegseth then stepped into the discussion, claiming that "there is one word I didn't hear you say one time and that is 'citizens.' Citizenship used to matter in this country and apparently it doesn't anymore, Kayleigh."

McEnany went on to say that she knows it's the "dream of Democrats" to have illegal immigrants in the country voting, presumably to benefit Democrats.

McEnany's talking points mirror that of many Republicans and President Donald Trump himself, who has many times said that millions of illegal immigrants casted their vote in the 2016 election, a statement that is untrue.

RNC Spokesperson: Democrats Want 'a Few Hundred Thousand Russians' to Vote in U.S. Elections | U.S.