Man Destroys Driver's Car With Baseball Bat for 'Not Moving Fast Enough'

Police in Michigan are searching for a man suspected of attacking a car with a baseball bat in an act of road rage.

The Wyandotte Police Department said the incident occurred at around 8 p.m. on August 28 in the 3300 block of Biddle Avenue.

Police said that the suspect followed another driver into the parking lot of a Big Boy restaurant after allegedly becoming irate that he was driving too slowly.

"Apparently the victim was not moving fast enough for the suspect so we had a road rage incident," Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton, of the Wyandotte Police Department, told Fox 2.

Speaking to Click on Detroit, Hamilton added that the suspect and other driver had an exchange of words before the baseball bat incident.

"The suspect actually exited his car and grabbed a baseball bat and the victim did not back down at this point," Hamilton said.

"The victim continued to exchange words with the suspect. This causes the suspect to kind of call his bluff. So he got back in his car and he took off.

"He goes inside the restaurant and shortly after that, when he's out of sight, the suspect actually returns."

Surveillance footage from the scene shows the suspect, wearing dark shorts and a blue T-shirt getting out of his vehicle walking over to the victim's car and attacking it with a baseball bat, smashing the driver side window.

"Ultimately if someone finds themselves in a situation like this, they should call the police. If it's getting to a point where it's causing someone to drive erratic or they're getting very upset and it can escalate, they should call the police," Hamilton added.

"We have to let things go, let it roll off of us, and we have to do a better job as a society to control our own emotions."

Speaking to Fox 2, Hamilton added that it appears the suspect is a "hothead" who cannot handle his emotions.

"He probably acts like this every day," Hamilton said. "Why does this guy have a baseball bat readily available? Has he done this before? Does he have it for protection? That is not normal."

Hamilton again urged people to act calmly while behind the wheel of a car, and said they can de-escalate such incidents by calling the police instead of confronting people.

"Something like that is dangerous because if they're going to do this to this man, who are they going to do this to next," Hamilton said.

Police said the suspect, who caused an estimated $1,000 worth of damage with the baseball bat, has still not been identified. He was last seen heading south on Biddle Avenue, near Pine Street.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect is asked to contact Sgt. Ken Groat at 734-324-4431.

The Wyandotte Police Department has been contacted for an update.

Wyandotte  road rage
(Road rage) A City of Miami police car with lights ablaze responds to a call as they patrol the street on August 11, 2010 in Miami, Florida. Police in Wyandotte are searching for a man who attacked a vehicle with a bat in a road rage incident. Joe Raedle/Getty Images