Road Test: 350Z Roadster

Driving the new Nissan 350Z Roadster is like having your own rolling amusement park. When I brought home a "ticket me" red Z, the kids in the neighborhood lined up to go for a spin, and cruising with the top down elicited cries of "cool car." But the Z is more than just eye candy. Its beefy 287-horsepower V-6 engine lets out a chest-rattling roar with the slightest tap on the gas. I dare anyone to wind through its tight, six-speed manual transmission without breaking the law. My favorite maneuver: slamming it into second and squealing the tires. (Not that I would ever actually do anything like that, Officer.) Rube Goldberg would have loved the mechanical ballet that automatically folds the rag top beneath a racy cover behind the seats. There's very little not to like about this car. Sure, the cup holders are inconvenient and the trunk is laughably small. But who cares when you can hit the gas and carve turns like an Olympic skier?

Tip: Forget the parade laps; open this baby up on the highway.