Road Test | Bmw Z4

BMW's Z4 is the coolest car on the road. There, I said it. On a test run through the winding, rural back roads of South Carolina, I was simply blown away by its outstanding handling. Unlike some foreign jobs, this roadster isn't too much to master; the new Z4 remained firmly planted on the highway--even when I pushed the car well beyond sane speed limits.

In fact, the only thing this two-seater shares with its predecessor--the discontinued Z3, considered too girly for the sports-car set--is its dual-passenger configuration. The undulating convex and concave design cues give this ragtop a more athletic, masculine vibe. And the 3.0i model with manual six-speed (optional automatic transmission) has a tighter torque converter than other six-cylinder BMWs. I threw it into gear, slammed down hard on the throttle and felt my head snap back. It even stops smoother than BMW's previous roadster; ventilated front and rear brakes make stopping on a dime absolutely effortless. Inside the cockpit, the dash is sleek and modern with brushed aluminum trim and spare instrumentation. Of course, there are only two seats and a minuscule trunk, so it's not a car for the whole family. But it's the ultimate car for a driving enthusiast seeking solitary adventure.

Tip: Expect $10,000 dealer premiums tacked on to the list price.