I'm cruising in a totally bitchin' Corvette when I spy the speedometer and it reads 50. Fine, except that I'm in a 35mph zone. Oops, 50 feels like 20 in this car. And that's good, or bad, depending on how you feel about speeding tickets. Chevrolet has done such a stunning job boosting the iconic Vette's power and stiffening its frame that it zooms effortlessly. And yet it's a real challenge to drive it like a normal car.

That's because the C6 is no normal car, with its 6.0-liter, V-8, 400-horsepower engine. Neck-snapping on takeoff, but remarkably smooth in its acceleration, this two-seater really stays planted on curvy roads. I love the coupe's new look, even if it lost its signature blinking headlights. Composite body panels resist rust and dings. And the new interior is sporty yet comfortable. But be warned: a sports car packed with obscene power doesn't go unnoticed. By anyone.

Tip: Speed freaks may opt for the even sportier Z51 manual-transmission sport package with tuned gears for an additional $1,495.