Road Test: Ford F-150

As I nosed the brawny Ford F-150 into a jammed parking lot before a Detroit Lions game, the attendant sighed. "It's getting harder and harder to fit big SUVs like yours in my lot," he griped. Of course, the F-150 isn't an SUV. It's a pickup truck. But you can't blame the attendant for being confused. Driving the smooth, startlingly quiet F-150, I felt as if I were behind the wheel of a Lincoln Navigator. The interior is a work of industrial art, with elliptical vents that open with mechanical precision and a dashboard that appears to be held in place by thick steel bands (though they're actually textured plastic). It's comfy, too: my football buddies had plenty of room in its two rows of seats. But as stylish as it is on the inside, the F-150 is studly on the outside. Unlike the previous curvy F-150 (read: girly), the new model is an alpha truck. The raised hood and massive grille snarl, while the bed seems bottomless now that its slab sides have been raised to 18-wheeler height. There's also more muscle under the hood with a standard V-8 that can tow almost five tons. All this testosterone doesn't come cheap: a loaded F-150 tops $40,000. But that will seem a small price to pay for suburban cowboys itching to be the baddest truckers on the road.

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