Road Test | Game Mp

I'm not the greatest tennis player. OK, I'm kind of lousy. And racquet companies love people like me, because we're convinced the newest technology will improve our game. So I headed to the Mulholland Tennis Club, in the hills above Los Angeles, to test out eight of this year's new racquets. Of them all, Prince's More Performance Game MP model demanded my attention--and not just because of its hot color scheme, matte copper with black-and-white accents. It's hard to imagine, but almost the entire head is a sweet spot. A melodic "ping" seemed to greet each ball, encouraging me to play on. And all the More Performance racquets are made without grommets (which rub against the strings), so they vibrate less than traditional frames and should help prevent painful tennis elbow. And the handle offers a cushy squeeze grip. It's the perfect racquet for experienced players looking for finesse, not all-out power.

TIP: Looking for a larger sweet spot? Advantage: Prince.