Road Test - Infiniti Fx45

Sometimes a wheel is just a wheel. As I drove around in the Infiniti FX45, with its long nose and huge 20-inch wheels, reaction divided evenly along gender lines. Guys loved the racy SUV and were awed by those oversize wheels; women scoffed. Said one female: "A man designed this, right?" Of course, that means I really liked this car. With a 315-horsepower V-8 under toe, it drove and handled like the Nissan 350Z sports car. (And that's no coincidence, since the FX is built on the same chassis as the Z.) The broad-shouldered, swept-back look is a welcome departure from the wimpy egg shape of so many car-based SUVs. The FX's aggressive, angular lines do have drawbacks: big blind spots in the rear. And the techie aluminum interior is rather sterile (though I liked the bomber-jacket leather seats). Still, this macho cruiser could be Arnold's next SUV. Now, if only Infiniti can convert the glove box into a cigar humidor.

Tip: For 10 grand less, the FX35 packs a 280hp V-6 and sports only slightly smaller 18-inch wheels.