Road Test | Lincoln Aviator

If luxury SUVs had been around back in the days of the Rat Pack, they would have looked like the new Lincoln Aviator. As you slide into the Aviator's leather seats, you're transported back to the midcentury digs inhabited by those finger-snapping hipsters. The clean lines of the Aviator's cowled dash conjure up classic Eames furniture, with warm grainy leathers, walnut trim and satin-nickel-finish doors. You expect to find an atomic clock exploding from the dash, but instead there's a tasteful Swiss-watch-inspired timepiece with brilliant chrome hands. But the Aviator is more than just a stylish cockpit. Open up its burly 302-horsepower engine and you'll be singing "Come Fly With Me." And while the ride is a little floaty, it's cocoon comfy. It's hard to believe this cream puff is built on the chassis of the rugged Ford Explorer. The Aviator has much more in common with its big brother, the Lincoln Navigator. But the Aviator is a lot easier to navigate than its stout sibling, and it still seats seven comfortably. Best of all, it's 10 grand cheaper. What's not to love, baby?

Tip: Load in the Frankie CDs and take a sentimental journey.