Road Test: Nissan Quest

I realized there was something different about the Nissan Quest when I drove it to my daughter's Saturday-morning soccer game. As we tried to leave after the match, we were blocked by a crowd of curious moms. They loved its racy looks and wondered how it handled with a full load of soccer players (who piled in while their moms fired questions). The answer: this is one hot minivan. Its edgy styling is complemented by a muscular V-6. Inside, the Quest feels like a loft, with four skylights in the roof. My kids liked the third row of seats, which steps up for theater-style seating. The second and third rows fold flat--a minivan first. My only problem: the gauges are mounted in the center of the dash, requiring an awkward glance to check your speed. Where you'd normally find the speedometer is a clip to hold a family photo. Cute, but not convenient. Still, Nissan is out to prove that soccer moms can also be sexy moms.

Tip: Go for the leather interior with the pebble texture (a $1,500 option).

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