Suspected Robber Caught by Police Because He Took a Nap in South Africa

Police in South Africa easily managed to nab a suspected robber while he was taking a nap early Wednesday morning.

The 19-year-old allegedly entered the home of a university professor in Pretoria on Tuesday night, walking in through a door that had been left open for ventilation, South Africa's News 24 reported. After taking items from the home, the young man and his accomplices escaped from the premises, but apparently, he was tired from the burglary and fell asleep.

"One of the suspects, 19, who would have been mistaken for a homeless person, received a rude awakening when he was reportedly caught napping shortly after 1:00 in Justice Mohammed Street after his alleged accomplices had driven away and left him behind when they fled the scene after the robbery," police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said, according to the news site.

Mavimbela explained that bank cards, a laptop, bottles of whisky and about 5,000 South African Rand ($361), believed to have been withdrawn from the professor's bank account, have been recovered. Another alleged accomplice was found on Wednesday morning in possession of items from the robbery.

"The management of the SAPS (SA Police Service) in Sunnyside commends officers for bringing the suspects to book within a short space of time," the police spokesperson added.

Napping has led to the capture of numerous would-be robbers in the past.

In November 2017, a burglar was caught in Scotland fast asleep, covered in Doritos and near a half-eaten pie, while still inside the house he allegedly intended to rob, British newspaper The Guardian reported. The 46-year-old was discovered by the homeowners who found him in the morning before alerting police.

Mocking the incident, local police tweeted at the time: "Sleeping on the Job! We all feel tired when we start a shift & a thief who started his shift at 2345 [11:45 p.m.] yesterday was no different."

Back in 2014, a similar incident occurred in Colorado Springs. Upon returning to her home, a woman in the city found an unknown woman sleeping in her bed, local news KRDO reported. The suspect, identified as Taylor Gregg, reportedly broke into the home, found several items to steal and then decided she needed a nap before escaping. When police arrived, they woke her up and arrested her without any further problems.

Steven Walker of Oklahoma dealt with a similar attempted robbery in 2015. Discovering a stranger sleeping after returning to his house, he called the police, who were already searching for the suspect.

"I guess he was looking for something valuable. I just don't have anything," Walker told local news KFOR 4. "Once he pilfered through everything, I think he gave up and took a nap."

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