Robert De Niro Called 'Condescending' After Walking Out of Interview

A writer for the British magazine the Radio Times, has called actor Robert De Niro "condescending" after he took offence to her questions and walked out of an interview, reportedly telling her, "I'm not doing this darling."

In the article, a shortened version of which has been published on the magazine's website, journalist Emma Brockes describes De Niro as "depressed", and says he answered her questions "glumly." The interview was intended to promote De Niro's latest film The Intern, which also stars Anne Hathaway.

Brockes asked the actor how he avoids going into "autopilot" on set and also commented that New York's Tribeca district—the location of De Niro's annual film festival—has become overrun by bankers. It's at this point that she says De Niro asked her to stop her recorder and then proceeded to leave the interview.

"He then pops out of his chair, starts pacing madly and say he's cutting short the interview because of the 'negative inference' of what I just said," Brockes writes.

"What, about the bankers?!" she asks, to which De Niro responds: "All the way through. Negative inference... The whole way through and I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it, darling."

Brockes then claims De Niro popped his head out of the door in order to find an aide. Before leaving, she asked him to clarify how else she had been negative, with him replying, "The question about being on autopilot—on negative inference."

The interview concludes with Brockes telling the actor, "I have to say, now that you're going on about it, it makes me think you were on autopilot and you're super-sensitive about it," before De Niro repeats, "I'm not doing this darling," and then leaves.

Brockes told The Independent newspaper, she has "sympathy with De Niro because nobody wants to be there for these choreographed junket interviews," but that she "certainly didn't go in looking for an argument."