Robert Pattinson To Play Batman In New Film, Twitter Refuses To See Him As An Adult Man

Variety revealed on Thursday that Robert Pattinson is in talks to portray the title character in Matt Reeves' upcoming film, The Batman.

Pattinson has yet to be officially confirmed for the role, but he's the top choice to follow Ben Affleck in playing the billionaire playboy/vigilante. Deadline later reported that Nicholas Hoult is also still in the running for the role, but Pattinson remains the current top choice. The deal is expected to close soon.

Assuming that Pattinson does land the role, Twitter users are preemptively culling their favorite pieces of content related to the former Twilight star.

CNN's Nathan McDermott collaged together a selection of 2012 tweets made by Donald Trump regarding Pattinson's eventful relationship with actress Kristen Stewart.

Since we're talking about Robert Pattinson, one of my favorite odd Trump moment was when he was briefly, yet passionately, invested in Pattinson's relationship with Kristen Stewart.

— Nathan McDermott (@natemcdermott) May 17, 2019

Others, in their culling, can't get over Pattinson's time as Edward Cullen. Many seem to forget that the actor has become an indie darling in the time since portraying the glittery vampire. Some Twitter users believe the actor won't deliver as Batman due to the performance he gave in Twilight more than seven years ago.

In light of the recent news of Robert Pattinson becoming Batman, I provide you all with a short clip of him jokingly saying “I’M BATMAN” in a gruff voice from the (2010) Twilight Saga: Eclipse Commentary.

**He says it when Bella mentions that Edward scared her in her truck.

— kiuhhhh (@rbertpattinsn) May 17, 2019

My childhood crush is back❤️ Never in my million years I thought this could happen but it’s happening now🖤 Edward Cullen as Batman😍

— 𝒜𝓇𝓈𝓎𝓃 (@Arsyn_Sha) May 17, 2019

Bella Swan: I know what you are.
Edward Cullen: Say it. Out loud. Say it.
Bella Swan: Batman.

— Jeremy Baker (@Jeremy_Baker) May 17, 2019

robert pattinson was tired of being referred to as edward cullen, he will now he referred to as bruce wayne

— watch when they see us on netflix (@jaimescnsa) May 17, 2019

When you hear that Edward Cullen is the new Batman

— 🌺Lilia🌺 (@LiliatheLovely) May 17, 2019

idk why people are freaking out abt Robert Pattinson becoming the next batman. He played and DID JUSTICE to Edward Cullen, the superhero superior to batman. Heres a chart proving Edward > batman. i think the character is in safe hands.

— Garmi Mein Kharab (@fay_alif) May 17, 2019

Some people are even bringing his former vampiric traits over to the Batman role, implying Pattinson might don a costume similar to this one from Lego Batman. Which would certainly be unexpected, but arguably welcome, maybe?

#RobertPattinson leaked pictures from his #Batman audition.

— Define Normal (@nodaybuttoday81) May 17, 2019

There has been talk that Robert Pattinson might be next inline to don the black cape. I'm not sure how that would work out because all I would be picturing is a sparkling Batman. 💎🦇

— WingedWolf (@WingedWolf16) May 17, 2019

Robert Pattinson’s Batman costume leaked. #Batman

— Jeff Strom (@NWIrishRain) May 17, 2019

One popular attire suggestion says Pattinson should wear something similar to Batman's New 52 outfit, but the cape needs to go over his shoulders or else it won't work.

Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit should be the Snyder/Capullo New 52 suit with a variation of the current logo. It would look so good on him.

— Walt (@UberKryptonian) May 17, 2019

Harry Potter fans are using the Batman announcement to reminisce about how far Pattinson has come since his Harry Potter days as Cedric Diggory. He was such a young lad and now he's an adult! Truly a buck wild turn of events! A few suggest this might be another twist by JK Rowling.

Everyone saying Robert Pattinson is a bad actor clearly didn't go through a phase like I did and I'm going to need everyone to go watch every and all of his movies. ALSO HE WAS CEDRIC DIGGORY YOU HEATHENS

— rachel leishman (@RachelLeishman) May 17, 2019

waiting for j.k rowling to tweet that cedric diggory was batman the entire time & he died in the triwizard tournament cause his robin, dobby, wasn't with him

— f. thot fitzgerald (@dracomallfoys) May 17, 2019

Cedric Diggory's father used the resurrection stone to give Cedric a new life and identity in the Warner Brothers Universe. #Batman #Battinson

— Batman (@Batmancanseeyou) May 17, 2019

this is an insult to cedric diggory’s memory variety. he wasn’t one of the kindest and most loyal characters for y’all to just ‘forget’ him

— jess (@grangerslight) May 17, 2019

He became a wizard, Cedric Diggory, a vampire, Edward Cullen, and now a superhero, Batman. He's living the dreams man, and I am sister jealousy.

— clouds (@sqmnthax) May 17, 2019

Those who have kept up with Pattinson's amazing indie film career are vouching on Twitter for the actor's ability to portray Bruce Wayne with skill.

Yes, he's the new Batman.
Yes, he's Edward Cullen
Yes, he's Monte
Yes, he's Connie
Yes, he's Reynolds
Yes, he's #RobertPattinson and one of the best actors ever PERIOD.!!#Batman

— Dar (@The_D_word_1) May 17, 2019

oh no robert pattinson in batman what if he doesn't do a good job of it like all the other amazing absolutely stunning totally on point batmans we've had

— Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) May 17, 2019

PSA: If you're doubtful about Robert Pattinson playing The Batman, go watch GOOD TIME immediately.

It's a phenomenal, grimy neo-noir thriller and Pattinson pulls his weight.

He has come a LONG way since he was a body glitter vampire teen heartthrob, give him a shot.

— Max Scoville (@MaxScoville) May 17, 2019

Emerging from John Wick Chapter 3 to learn Robert Pattinson will be Batman is one hell of a good high.

— Siddhant Adlakha (@SiddhantAdlakha) May 17, 2019

If it's official and Robert Pattinson has been cast as the next Batman, I'm fully on board with this decision. If people only remember him from 'Twilight', they should check out 'Good Time', he's truly outstanding in it.

— Craig Minett (@CraigMinett) May 17, 2019

We'll see how Pattinson takes to playing the caped crusader when The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021. Little is known about the film's plot, but Reeves has said that he'd like to focus more on Batman's detective side rather than the expert combatant abilities we've seen in recent adaptations.

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