'Roblox' Atlantis Event Guide: How to Get Atlantean Pauldrons and Tiara in Disaster Island [Walkthrough]

Roblox 's latest monthly sponsored event, Atlantis, kicked off Monday morning and includes three new in-game adventures or quests to complete and earn legendary loot, including an Atlantean Pauldrons, Tiara and more. Below, we've put together a complete guide to finding all the prizes in the Disaster Island portion of the event. We also have guides for the Shark Bite and Tradelands missions as well if you need help with those. All three Roblox Atlantis events run through May 1, so there's plenty of time to grab all the prizes. For now, let's dive into Disaster Island and find out how to grab the Atlantean Pauldrons and Tiara.

Roblox Atlantis Event 'Disaster Island' Guide: How To Get The Atlantean Pauldrons

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Roblox Atlantis Event Items: Atlantean Pauldrons Roblox

You'll get this item by playing in the Disaster Island game on the Deep Sea Dive Map. The object is to survive a full round which lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds. This is difficult once the Kraken spawns. Here are a few tips for surviving the full round.

  • The the Kraken arms start to appear around you, carefully swim between them.
  • The Kraken tentacles will fall down randomly, so you need to keep an eye on the ones that are moving. Once a tentacle pulls back like a slingshot, you know it is getting ready to fall forward. Make sure you are out of the way when this is happening.
  • Sometimes more that one tentacle will slam down at the same time, so you want to really pay attention to the timing of which are closest to falling.
  • Once the round ends, you'll be teleported back to the Lobby, where you'll receive the Congratulations message letting you know you can now equip the pauldrons.

Roblox Atlantis Event 'Disaster Island' Guide: How To Get The Atlantean Tiara

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Roblox Atlantean Tiara Roblox
  • Go to Disaster Island and start playing on the Forgotten Temple Map
  • Start looking for a tiny Golden Key -- it can spawn anywhere on the map (avoid sharks or you'll have to start again).
  • Once you find the key, you'll get a message telling you to go to the Lobby (to get back to the Lobby, you'll have to wait for the round to end).
  • In the Lobby, you should see a green incline/hill just beyond a building on the right.
  • Follow the green path around until you get to a Temple Door.
  • As you go through the door you'll see a lake made of Lava. You want to jump on the blocks floating on top of the lava. Keep jumping from block to block until you get to a set of steps next to a wall.
  • Jump up the steps until you see a pillar with a little elevator platform. Climb on that platform to go up.
  • Once you reach the top, look behind you and you will see a ledge. Jump over on to it.
  • Walk or jump along that edge until you get to another pillar with an elevator platform all the way at the bottom
  • Jump carefully down on to the platform. It will begin to rise. As you go up, you will see another platform on the side of the pillar going down. Once you've reached the top, jump on to the platform that went down.
  • This new platform will go up again. Once you reach the top, you'll see a thin walkway between two pillars that you need to jump down onto.
  • Walk across this pathway. When you get to the end, the entire path will rise upward.
  • As you go up, you'll notice another pathway between pillars going down. Once you have gone all the way to the top, jump carefully down on to the new pathway.
  • Walk across the new pathway. At the end, you'll see two blocks floating on the lava. Jump across them and on to a platform in the center. There you will see the tiara.
  • Grab the Tiara and you'll trigger a "Congratulations" message, letting you know you can now equip it on your avatar.