'Roblox' Atlantis Event Tradelands Guide: How to Get Diver's Helmet and Aquatic Headphones [Walkthrough]

Want to find the Diver's Helmet or Aquatic Headphones in Roblox's Atlantis Event? Check out our complete Tradelands Mission walkthrough and guide, here.

Roblox 's latest event, Atlantis, kicked off Monday morning and includes three new in-game adventures or quests to complete to earn legendary loot, like a Diver's Helmet, Aquatic Headphones and more. Below, we've put together a complete guide finding all the prizes in the Tradelands game. We also have guides for the Shark Bite and Disaster Island missions if you need help with those. The Atlantis event runs through May 1, so there's plenty of time to grab all the prizes. For now, let's dive into Tradelands and grab those Headphones and Diver's Helmet.

Roblox Atlantis Event 'Tradelands' Guide: How To Get The Diver's Helmet

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Roblox Atlantis Event Items: Diver's Helmet Roblox

For this mission, you will work together with three other people. The mission is pretty long so we suggest you complete it with a group of friends, if possible. Also, you make sure you have an hour or more set aside to do it, as it is quite lengthy. If you don't have any friends available, you can complete this mission with other players online at the same time as you. We will explain how to do that in the guide below.

Part 1: Go To Lost Lands & Gather A Crew

  • Go into the Tradelands game and press the "Play Game" button.
  • Choose the "Hallengard" faction to spawn in Hallengard .
  • Find the Concerned Sailor outside the archway to the town and talk to him to get your first quest arrow.
  • Follow the white arrow to Dockmaster Sponyo Sailcarr.
  • Spawn a ship (easiest way) or swim in the direction the white arrow guides you.
  • You'll arrive at a Sunken Ship. Climb on top and talk to the Survivor . He'll alert you to a portal-like object that's swallowed part of the ship.
  • To find the Portal , look for a weird area in the ocean near the sinking ship that looks like black dots floating in the air. This is the portal to your next quest location, Lost Lands.
  • Once inside Lost Lands, follow the blue dots on the ground to a weird cave-like area.
  • Go through the hole and continue to follow the blue dots up some stairs and down a tunnel.
  • Once outside the tunnel, look for the Wise Old Man. He'll tell you to gather a crew of 3-4 and head downstairs.
  • To gather a crew , go just beyond the old man to the top of a staircase. In the chat, type in /inv and then type the name of one of the people you see in the chat. This will invite them to your crew. Pro Tip: It's best to do this mission with friends if possible, as there are a lot of puzzles to complete. If a player goes AFK, you're basically screwed.
  • Once you have three people join you (you need a total crew of four including yourself), head downstairs and through the door. (if you joined a crew instead of starting one yourself, the crew leader must open the door).

Part 2: Laser Light Puzzle

  • Once you are through the door, you and your crew will enter a puzzle map.
  • On the floor you will see three white squares . A crew member needs to be standing on each of these to move to open the door ahead.
  • Walk through the door. Overhead you will see a blue laser beam shining from one edge of the ceiling to another. On the floor are more white squares. You will need to step on these white squares until they create a beam that connects and moves in the direction of the path. Continue to step on white squares and make the proper connections until you reach the end of the maze. If done correctly, you will see an open door at the end of the light beam path.

Part 3: Guardian Fight

  • Walk through the door and you'll reach a ledge. You and your crew will need to jump down the ledge on to a brick pathway area.
  • In this area, you will need to fight three pairs of Guardians . You'll probably want to equip a weapon. If you die, you'll respawn at the top of the ledge, so no puzzle progress will be lost.
  • After defeating the Guardians, you and your crew will need to find four levers in different areas of the brick pathway. Every crew member needs to stand beside a lever and you all must press your levers at the same time . If you are successful, you'll open a Trap Door at the bottom of the brick stairs. The whole crew needs to jump down the open trap to move on to the next part of the puzzle.

Part 4: Lighted Gate Puzzle

  • The next part of the puzzle is a randomized Brick Maze . Look throughout the maze for a Big Gate. The gate has a set of six diamonds above it that can light up. You will have to search the maze for a room with some colored buttons in it and press the buttons in the right order to unlock the big gate (as far as we know, the combos are random). The best way to handle this is to have one person remain by the door while you search for the button room. Once in the button room, start trying combinations to see which of the gate dots light up. Once you get the combination for lighting them all up, the gate will unlock. You'll probably want to keep a notebook of combos you've tried to help you.

Part 5: Water Room Puzzle

  • Once the gate is unlocked, go through to a dome-shaped room. There will be some steps running along the wall. One crew mate needs to walk up the stairs until they see one with an illuminated button. Stand on the button and a light blue set of steps will appear. DO NOT STEP OFF THE BUTTON . The next crewmate will now need to walk up the steps to the next button and stand on it. The third crewmate will then go up and find a button to stand on.
  • With three crewmates on buttons, the last one will head all the way up to two levers. Press both levers at once. This opens something on the floor below. The same crewmember will continue to to the top of the stairs, where there will be one last button to stand on. This will trigger water that floods the room.
  • Once the water has filled the area, you and your crew will float to the top, where you'll jump up onto a ledge and walk up some stairs.

Part 6: Prism Laser Puzzle

  • Head through the door to a room with another Laser Puzzle . A Crewmember will need to find a button on the ground somewhere and stand on it to cause the laser to activate. This teammate will need to stay on that button for the remainder of this puzzle.
  • Other teammates will then look for Prisms in the room. These prisms will be used to deflect/redirect the light beam in a path through the room to unlock another door.

Part 7: Arena Guardian Fight (Final Mission)

  • As you walk through this final door, you will enter an arena where five Guardians are waiting.
  • Battle the five guardians (if you die, you'll respawn in the arena) and once you've defeated them, it will trigger the Congratulations message letting you know you can now equip your new Diver's Helmet !

Roblox Atlantis Event 'Tradelands' Guide: How To Get Aquatic Headphones

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Finding the Aquatic Headphones begins in Tradelands as you have a chat with the Old Captain Roblox
  • Go into the Tradelands game and press the "Play Game" button
  • Choose the "Black Pirates" faction to spawn in the Black Pirate Bay .
  • Walk through the streets of the small town until you find a character named " Old Captain ."
  • Talk to Old Captain and he will ask you to help him find his crew and gather the sword parts he needs to craft his beloved short sword.
  • After you talk to the Captain, you'll see an arrow beside your character, directing you toward your first destination, White Crest Island . Follow the arrow to the end of the dock. You will need to either get a boat or swim to your next location (boat is much easier).
  • Once you get near White Crest (large, white brick structure), head to the dock on the right side and go on to the island.
  • Walk to your left and you should see a door ahead, just before some stairs.
  • Go in the door and you'll find Harpoon Harry in a jail cell. He will give you the Shortest Sword Hilt .
  • Head back to your boat at the dock and set sail for your original location at Black Pirate bay. Give the Captain the Short Sword Hilt. Once he has it, he'll give you instructions for finding the next crewmate and sword part. You will continue this same process each time you find a new part.
  • To find Billgaret Bob , get in your boat and follow the arrow to Fort Gallant in Nova Ballreska.
  • Once you've arrived, jump up on the dock and walk up the stairs. You'll see a red and white flag on a wall ahead. Walk towards it to enter Fort Gallant.
  • Head to the right until you see a door. Walk through the door to find Billgaret Bob in a jail cell. Talk to him and get the Shortest Sword Guard.
  • After you've taken the new piece to the Old Captain, head back out to your boat and follow the white arrow toward Hallengard .
  • Hallengard will have the final sword piece you need. To get the piece, you'll need to have 50 Dubloons to pay for it. If you have no Dubloons, you can earn some in the game a number of ways, including trading goods in the city, killing opponents, sinking enemy ships or buying them with robux.
  • Once you reach Hallengard, head on shore and toward the left you should see a dimly lit path and and archway. Walk through the archway toward the lit torch outside of the Warehouse. You'll see the warehouse manager Arkelstorp standing outside.
  • Head inside the warehouse, and you'll find Scurvy Scottie in a jail cell. He'll demand the 50 dubloons. Once you give them to him, he'll hand over the Shortest Sword Blade .
  • Take the item back to the Captain and he'll ask you to craft the Sword for him. To do this, go back out toward the dock and you'll see an crafting area. From the left-hand menu board, select Weapons > Shortest Sword , then select Craft on the right-hand board.
  • Carry the newly crafted sword to the Captain, which will trigger the Congratulations message letting you know you can now equip the Aquatic Headphones.