'Roblox' Bloxy Event Guide: How To Get Tuxedo Cat, Complete Scavenger Hunt and More

Having trouble finding all the hidden prizes in Roblox Bloxy Awards Event? Check out our complete guide to getting the Tuxedo Cat, Golden Bowtie and more, here.

The Annual Roblox Bloxy Awards are just around the corner, and to celebrate, Roblox has launched an in-game mini event where players can win up to five virtual prizes. From February 12 - 26 Roblox players can head over to the Bloxy Theater where a scavenger hunt and two new Arcade games await them. Upon completing all the quests, players can earn the following prizes:

  • DIY Golden Bloxy Bow Tie
  • DIY Golden Bloxy Wings
  • DIY Golden Bloxy Shades
  • Red Carpet Cape
  • Tuxedo Cat

If you aren't sure how to get started in the event or where to find all the hidden prizes, we've put together a complete walkthrough and guide to the challenges. Check it out below.

Roblox Bloxy Awards Event Guide: How To Find All The Virtual Prizes

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There are five virtual prizes you can win during the Roblox Bloxy Event. Roblox

How To Get The DIY Golden Bloxy Bowtie

The object of the quest is to find 12 hidden items in the Bloxys game. Once you enter the game, you can find each object in the locations below.

  • Golf Cart - Outside the Theater, look for a manhole. Go down in it to get to the sewer. The golf cart is there.
  • Pizza Boy - on the glass bridge outside the Theater.
  • Bloxy Statute Base - near the bleachers outside the Theater.
  • Apple Basket - under a canopy with a table outside the Theater.
  • Small House - inside the Theater lobby near the couches.
  • Xander - in one of the Theater bathroom stalls.
  • Bloxy Statue Head - in a room in the Theater with rainbow-colored floor. It will be at one of the tables.
  • Astro Egg Chair - go up two flights of stairs in the Theater and it'll be down the hall on the right just past some couches.
  • Bloxy Statue Body - Go in the Theater to the elevated seating that overlooks the dinner tables. Find the section towards the middle that juts out into the air. It will be on the corner of this section.
  • Bloxy Statue Right Wing - go down to the dining area in the Theater and look around some tables near the doors to the Lobby.
  • Bloxy Statue Left Wing - go up on the stage in the Theater and it will be behind the giant statue.

How To Get The DIY Golden Bloxy Wings

To unlock the Golden Bloxy Wings, you'll need to go in the Arcade inside the Theater and play the Guest Invaders Video Game. To win the award, you must complete five waves of battles against "guests" — do not jump in on wave two or above or you won't get the prize

How To Get The DIY Golden Bloxy Shades

This quest is similar to the Guest Invader quest. Go in the arcade in the Theater and play the Shump Video Game aka Revenge of the Bacon. Like with Guest Invaders, you need to finish five waves to unlock the Bloxy Shades

How To Get The Red Carpet Cape

  • Enter the Bloxys game and go down the red carpet till you get to the Theater.
  • At the theater entrance, take a left and keep following red carpet till you get close to the road.
  • Jump the fence and go into the street. Look for a sewer manhole near the police cars blocking the street.
  • Go down the sewer and walk through it till you see a small porch and room to enter.
  • Go inside the room and you'll see a gnome in a jail cell.
  • The Gnome will disappear and you'll get a Gnome Award and the Red Carpet Cape.

How To Get The Tuxedo Cat

  • Go to the Bloxy Awards game page.
  • You will need to find an admin or dev who is online in the game. This is probably one of the most difficult tasks as it can be any one of the users in the list below.
    • WhoToTrus (Dev)
    • Awes_3 (Dev)
    • Ashtheking300 (Dev)
    • TrustMelmRussian (Dev)
    • RoboTest_4
    • RoboTest_3
    • ActionShakespeare
    • Mysterybeagle
    • YoSoyTofu
    • Terrisaurus
    • RoboTest_1
    • Hippe_ofDoom
    • SuitNTieSamurai
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