'Roblox Ready Player One' Event: How to Find Copper, Jade & Crystal Keys (Location Clues)

Roblox's Ready Player One event has begin. Check out all the details including locations and steps for finding the Copper, Jade and Crystal Key, here.

On Friday, Roblox announced a new Ready Player One-themed event would be coming to the platform March 12. The event ties in with the upcoming Ready Player One movie based on Ernest Cline's best-selling novel. The movie debuts March 29, but the Roblox in-game event will be kicking off later today. You can see the event rules and our growing list of clues you'll need to unlock the rare golden Dominus below.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Warner Brothers and Ready Player One," David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox told Newsweek's Player.One. "I have long been a fan of the book and see many parallels between the world envisioned by Ernest Cline and the metaverse we've built at Roblox. Bringing elements of this movie to life in our virtual universe has been exciting and we know the Roblox community, which is comprised of bold kids and teens who dream big, will make this quest their own."

Roblox Ready Player One Event: What Time Does it Start and How Does it Work?

According to a press release, the event is scheduled to begin Monday, March 12 around 10 am PT when the first clue will be dropped on the official Roblox Ready Player One event page.

How The Event Works

During the event, players will decrypt clues given on the event page to help them figure out which games hold the three event keys and how to start finding them. New clues will be revealed on a regular basis. Players won't need to wait until all the clues are announced to start searching for them but they MUST find the keys in this order to qualify for prizes: Copper, Jade, Crystal. Additional hints will be released on official Roblox pages to help players during gameplay.

What Prizes Can Be Won?

Virtual prizes will be awarded to all players who have found the Copper, Jade, or Crystal Key. If you're the first person to find any of those keys, you'll get an extra-special gold virtual prize and be named on the leaderboard for everyone to see. Once you've obtained all three keys, you can take on the final mission in a fourth mystery game. Be the FIRST PERSON to take down Mega Corp and complete the entire adventure to earn a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind Dominus Hat. Even if you don't finish first, players who complete the final mission will earn an awesome pair of wings as well. To learn more you can check out the Offical Rules for the event, here.

Roblox Ready Player One Event Clues: Unlock Hidden Doors with These Key Clues

roblox ready player one event clue
First Clue Roblox

Copper Key: Clues & Steps To Get The Key

Clue #1

The location of the Copper Key may sound surprising
Especially if you've been antagonizing
If it's rehabilitation you seek
Then come find this grand antique
Infiltrate this sacred place unharmed
And there you shall find a secret old charm

Clue #2 - Whether by night or by day, you'll find conflict happening in all corners of this open world game.

Clue #3 - Shift into overdrive and plow into a specific wall at night to infiltrate a secret area.

Clue #4 - When this game first launched in 2017, it spanned 16,000 lines of code.

Clue #5 - After you found all three pieces of the token by robbing various places at night, a secret entrance will open. Check behind the waterfall.

Clue #6 - Once the token has been returned to its rightful heir, a trivia about video games you must prepare. The highest obtainable score is the poll, Wade Watts may know the goal.

Clue #7 - Another clue is in the train for you. Once found, return to the boys in blue.

Clue #8 - 100 you must surpass with your scores and once complete the crown is yours.

Clue #9 - A lockbox you will find in a boxcar most defined. It's red you see, and with this cartridge, soon you'll find the key.

  • Based on all the released clues so far Jailbreak game must be the location of the first Copper key. According to the official Roblox Blog, "Jailbreak came together quickly and smoothly, and it was released just four months and 16,000 lines of code later on April 21, 2017."

Roblox Copper Key Location Solution

UPDATE 3/16/18 12 am ET: Roblox has made the following changes to the Copper Key event inside the Jailbreak game:

All players who find the Copper Key under these conditions will be granted the Bronze Copper Crown.

  • Greatly reduced the speed required to trigger the cutscene when crashing into the wall (DAY OR NIGHT).
  • Players only need to rob ONE of the following: jewelry store, bank, or train (DAY OR NIGHT).
  • Trivia now has all the answers listed on each prompt.
  • The third car of the train ALWAYS contains the lockbox.
  • Jail Evaders only requires you to shoot down 10 cars now (score of 100, instead of 1,000).
  • Players can now complete the challenge in VIP servers.

Here are the original steps for getting the first Copper Key per Redditor Zyncon

  • Go into the jailbreak game between 8 PM and 3 AM.
  • When it's night, go to the meteor. Find the "key" like shape on the floor pointing to an orange building.
  • Ram the garage portion of the building (Rocket fuel is NOT required if you drive into the wall with a level 5 engine). A cutscene scene will start and after it ends, do these steps:
    • Rob the bank at night
    • Rob the train at night
    • Rob the jewelry story at night
    • Go to the waterfall located near the gun store
    • Answer the cops questions in order with the following (if you mess up your answers, go rob one place. )
      • 1st: 3333350
      • 2nd: 3333350
      • 3rd: 3333360
      • 4th: 874300
    • Breach the train vault for keyhole (If you don't find it, try again)
    • Open up the lockbox to get the cartridge
    • Give the cartridge to the cop
    • Do the minigame and obtain 1000 score. Do not die.

Jade Key: Clues & Steps To Get The Key

roblox jade key location ready player one tips hints guide cheats how to find
The first Jade Key clue was dropped Sunday, March 18 Roblox

UPDATE 03/18/18: Roblox has dropped the first Jade Key clue. It is as follows:

Jade Key Clue #1

Unlocking the Jade Key requires precision
Though some may lack the vision
Now you're deep in hostile territory
And these ghouls are out for glory
Decrypt my journal entry and it shall reveal
A passphrase for something most conceal

UPDATE 3/19/18: Roblox has released two more Jade Key Clues. They are as follows:

Jade Key Clue #2

"The blog contains the location if you can decrypt its translation. Unscramble the author's name of a recent post and you'll find another clue first and foremost."

Jade Key Clue #3

"Calling all mobile players! A secret path to the Jade Key has been unlocked. If you can puzzle out this clue, it might reveal the location: Check the creator's profile and you'll find something worthwhile. Play this instrument and the key will be imminent."

Jade Key Location Solution: How To Get It

  • Go to the Phantom Forces Game
  • Play on the Highway Map or the Crane Map
  • Find a green vending machine. (If you are on the Crane map, right next to the crane is a little building that contains the vending machine).
  • The vending machine will have little lit up boxes on it. Your goal is to turn all the blocks grey.
  • Each time you shoot a block on the vending machine, all of the immediately surrounding blocks that are lit will go gray and the blocks that were gray will light up. Puzzle this one out till they all turn grey.
  • Once all blocks are grey you'll get a "Jade Key" item, but this is not the Jade Key that completes the puzzle. The Jade Key item will serve as a melee item. You can use it to replace your knife.
  • Once you've got the Jade key item, your progress will be saved and it's ok to switch servers.
  • Next you'll need to go into the Suburban Map and you'll see a small light blue house in the middle.
  • Go through the house and look for a blue room with a bed and small home office in it. Find a door in there and you'll see it has a keyhole in it. Hit the door and you'll be teleported to the last part of the mission
  • The map you end up on is like Call of Duty Zombie. You will have an assault rifle and shotgun with infinite ammo, along with three grenades.
  • The goal is to survive seven rounds of zombies.
  • You health does regenerate some at the end of each round but try to be careful as you'll have to start again if you die.
  • Once you've taken out all seven rounds of zombies, you'll be awarded the real Jade Key
  • To equip the key, simply go to your Roblox Profile, go to your avatar and inside the helmet section you should see the related key helmet.
  • SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3LBSrPq9KQ

Crystal Key Location: Guide To Finding Final Key

UPDATE 03/20/18 9:00pm ET - the final Crystal Key has been found by YouTuber KreekCraft. Here are instructions a redditor gave for finding it. You can also check out the Crystal Key Solution video below.


  1. Have all previous keys
  2. Go to Hexaria, go through tutorial then when you're in the first level run to the town
  3. In one of the houses is an NPC called Bernard, talk to him he'll say "Lux loquitor..." and the a text box pops up
  4. Enter "Light Speaks" and he'll say some fluff.
  5. Run around the edge of the map and look for a tree with a lantern hanging from it.
  6. Wait for a minute or two and it will start to flash, start recording the game with your choice of video capture, I used shadow play.
  7. Wait for a minute or so of morse and then decode it, I used a free app from the android play store and held the camera on my phone up to the screen to decode it. You're looking for a 4 letter repeating code. This is UNIQUE and you MUST decode the morse yourself.
  8. Take the code back Bernard and put the code you got into the text box you saw earlier.
  9. You will receive a fortune cookie.
  10. Go to the 3rd level of the game (avoid all mobs, reset if you get caught in combat)
  11. Run to the 2 tall towers you can see, talk to the guy called Nick F, with his dialogue open, type "light speaks" in chat. You will teleport.
  12. Run in a straight line up to Crykee, he'll talk and when finished stand on the TINY little block behind him.
  13. Open your inventory, and use the fortune cookie.
  14. Open the map and type this code: 1235573277 a new place on the map should appear, click it to teleport
  15. You'll spawn at a house, run forward and into it and up the stairs into the bedroom and stand on the bed.
  16. Type the quote from the fortune cookie EXACTLY, punctuation, caps etc, into chat and you'll hear a sound.
  17. Go to the bathroom, pick up the philosopher's stone and reset.
  18. Go to Nick F from earlier and he'll trade the philosopher's stone for the crystal key
  19. Go to the chuch in first zone, tell the Ted his last name is "Longbottom", go through the new blue portal in the church floor
  20. Beat Travoltron in a dance off, if you fail, you have to fight him - just reset and try again.
  21. Beat him for the crown.

Final Golden Dominus Gate Location: How To Find And Finish The Last Ready Player One Challenge

UPDATE 03/21/18 5:00pm ET - Roblox has announced that all three keys have officially been found but the hunt is still on for the final hidden gate needed to claim the Golden Dominius. So far no one has found the location or named the game where it can be found. YouTube Gamer, KreekCraft is currently running a live stream of his attempt to find the Golden Dominus. You can watch in the stream below. Once the Golden Dominus Location has been confirmed, we'll update this post for steps to completing the challenge.