Roger Stone Calls CNN Contributor a 'Little Piglet', Lashes Out at 'Leftist Retards' Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone disparaged news personalities and political comedians while appearing on InfoWars show War Room on Friday.

Stone, who pled not guilty to felony charges of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements last month, particularly denigrated conservative CNN contributor and Trump critic Ana Navarro.

InfoWars contributor Owen Shroyer asked Stone what he thought of "mainstream media" hacks who were "lying."

Wearing a shirt that read "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" in all capital letters, Stone said "this is really simple. A man is known by his enemies. Ana Navarro, porquita, a little piglet. This woman is 50 pounds of [Rep. Adam] Schiff in a 20-pound bag. Talentless. No accomplishment. She's the 'political consultant' who's never actually elected anybody to anything. She's really a nasty diva, very abusive of the makeup people, and the hair people, waiters, doormen, cab drivers, and she's accomplished nothing. She's an enormous sack of Schiff and an abusive person on top of it. So, I revel in your hatred, Ana, and when I'm acquitted I'm going to go right back to criticizing you for your total lack of talent or intelligence. Puerco is what I would say," Stone said, referring to Navarro as a pig.

He also took aim at CNN host Don Lemon and late night comedy hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. "I revel in the hatred of these leftist retards," he said after remarks criticizing the figures. "They're not talented; they're not funny."

Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, leaves the Prettyman United States Courthouse after a hearing on February 1. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Stone dominated headlines last month after FBI agents arrested him in an early-morning raid. He flashed a Richard Nixon pose after posting bail and has denied the charges against him.

He is accused of seeking to gather information about emails that were stolen from the Democratic Party and later released. The indictment alleges that Stone did so at the direction of a senior member of the Trump campaign

Since his arrest, Stone has appeared on news programs. He has also asked for donations for a legal-defense fund, saying that the legal fees of his "epic fight" might "top $2 million."

The self-described "dirty trickster" has a history of involvement in political operations and has helped build his public persona by issuing outlandish statements about opponents.

"Roger has carefully crafted his public image and sometimes that, I think, doesn't work in his favor," Stone's friend, Kristin Davis, told a grand jury. "He's a victim of his own reputation."