Robert Mueller's Investigation Is a 'Speeding Bullet Heading' for Donald Trump's Head, Says Recently Arrested Adviser Roger Stone

Roger Stone has warned President Donald Trump that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is a "speeding bullet heading for his head."

Mueller has indicted Stone, a political consultant who advised the Trump 2016 campaign and is a longtime associate of the president, on seven counts, including obstruction, false statements and witness tampering.

Stone is a focus of Mueller's investigation because of his dealings with WikiLeaks, which, during the presidential election, leaked emails from the Democratic National Commitee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta that were stolen by Russian hackers.

"This isn't about me. It's about the president," Stone said on Tuesday in an appearance on SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily show.

"They're coming for him. Anybody who doesn't see that is naive. They're coming for him and they want me out of the way because I will speak out against it. And they want to silence me because I see the big picture.

"I lived in 1974. I worked for Richard Nixon. I saw that takedown. It was very, very similar... The president needs to wake up. This is a speeding bullet heading for his head. Not me. I'm just small collateral damage compared to him."

Trump's 2016 campaign is under investigation by Mueller's team over suspicions of collusion with agents of the Russian government. Trump is also facing scrutiny over concerns he has tried to obstruct justice by disrupting the Russia investigation.

The president denies any collusion happened and dismisses the investigation as a politically motivated "witch hunt."

Mueller has indicted a number of people close to Trump, including his former attorney Michael Cohen, who was convicted of lying to Congress, campaign finance violations and fraud.

Stone says he is innocent. But his associate Jerome Corsi, a conservative commentator who Mueller says acted as an intermediary between Stone and WikiLeaks, warned him not to underestimate the evidence uncovered by the investigation.

"They are extremely thorough. They have everything," Corsi told Fox News's The Story on Wednesday.

"Roger shouldn't underestimate that every communication he had—telephone, email, who he met with in person—[is in possession of Mueller]. The Mueller team…has endless resources. So Roger should go in this fully prepared, understanding that he is not going to be able to dodge the evidence that I'm sure Mueller has."

However, Stone accused Corsi of being a liar, telling Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday: "Unfortunately for Dr. Corsi, I have text messages, and emails, and metadata that show that he's not telling the truth."

Roger Stone Trump Mueller
Roger Stone leaves after his arraignment, as part of the Robert Mueller probe, at the US District courthouse in Washington, D,C,, on January 29. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images