Manchester United: New Signing Romelu Lukaku Mistaken for British Rapper by Irish Newspaper

In the list of mistakes you could make on the back page of a national newspaper, the Irish Herald just came up with a pretty big one.

Under a story about Lukaku's transfer from Everton to Manchester United, expected to be completed for a fee of £75 million on Monday, the publication should have put a picture of, well, Lukaku.

Above a caption reading "New Manchester United signing Romelu Lukaku," though, the newspaper placed a picture of British rapper Stormzy.

This kind of thing has happened before, and recently, too. In March 2016, The Guardian printed a correction after it printed a tribute to the late Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff alongside a picture of his teammate Rob Rensenbrink.

The physical similarities between Cruyff and Rensenbrink could be uncanny at times but there's arguably less excuse for confusing a musician with a footballer. The image, which has Stormzy in a United shirt, appears to come from the Pogba x Stormzy Adidas promotional campaign used to mark the arrival of Paul Pogba at United.

Stormzy himself has commented before on a perceived facial likeness to Lukaku. Promoting Gang Signs and Prayer, his acclaimed debut album, on British television show Sunday Brunch in February he said: "Aaaah! Lukaku! Romelu Lukaku! Do you know what's so mad, yeah? I'm not gonna lie—every time I see him I just look at him and think: 'Yeah you dooo mate!' We just look the same…".

Lukaku was expected to move to Chelsea for much of the early summer. But United manager Jose Mourinho stole in last week, with the 24-year-old from Antwerp, Belgium, now ready to link up with United for its preseason tour of the United States. Lukaku, one of only five players in Premier League history to score 50 goals before turning 23, posted a farewell message thanking Everton on his Instagram page on Sunday.