'The Rookie' Spin-Off—All We Know So Far

The Rookie is the much-loved police drama starring Nathan Fillion as the FBI's John Nolan. The show is currently airing its fourth season and, after months of speculation, fans have finally got a first look at ABC's planned backdoor spin-off pilot of The Rookie.

In the most recent episode of The Rookie (April 24), Nolan crossed paths with Simone Clark (Niecy Nash), the oldest FBI trainee, who is set to be at the center of the spin-off. Regardless of whether the spin-off is given the green light or not by ABC, this will not be the last fans see of Clark, as she is set to return in future episodes of Season 4 of The Rookie.

Although the future of the pilot is a little up in the air, Newsweek has all of the details available below, so you are fully up to date.

All We Know So Far About The Rookie Spin-off

The Rookie Spin-off Release Date

Back in February, ABC announced a spin-off of The Rookie was on the cards. Now, two months later, fans have been treated to the pilot which consists of two episodes.

The first episode in the pilot premiered on Sunday, April 24, and saw the introduction of Nash as trainee Clark, who has a close bond with Officer Nolan. Episode two (Episode 20 of Season 4) will follow on May 1.

At the moment, an official release date for The Rookie spin-off has not been by ABC. This is because the first two episodes are simply part of a pilot and ABC is yet to give the entire season the green light.

If the spin-off is going ahead, audiences can expect to see the series during the 2022-2023 television season.

Speaking to ABC NY, Nash and Fillion have expressed their hopes for a spin-off, believing the two-part episode story arc serves as the perfect spin-off for Nash's character.

Nash said: "Our fingers are crossed" when asked about a spin-off and Fillion commented: "All signs point to yes. If I had a Magic 8 Ball here, that's what it would say, because it's looking very, very positive.

"It's a lot of fun watching Niecy on TV, I have to say, it's...we're pretty certain."

the rookie spin off
Niecy Nash as Simone Clark and Nathan Fillion as John Nolan in The Rookie ABC/Raymond Liu

What Will The Rookie Spin-Off Be About?

The Rookie spin-off will follow Clark and her colleagues in the FBI. A former teacher, Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI, in charge of investigating some of America's most serious cases.

In Episode 1 of the two-part special, one of Clark's students is named as a terrorist suspect after an explosion at a local power station.

In the episode, the LA division of the FBI is called in to help Clark with her investigation.

Who Will Star in The Rookie Spin-Off?

Nash will lead the cast of The Rookie spin-off if it is given the green light as rookie FBI trainee Clark.

Nash is best known for her role as officer Raineesha Williams in Reno 9-1-1! and Delores Wise in When They See Us.

The Rookie fans may also recognize Nash as Florence Kennedy in Mrs. America, Dr. Jamie Ryan in Netflix's Never Have I Ever, and as a guest host of The Masked Singer in 2021.

Her other well-known credit includes The Soul Man, Getting On, and Scream Queens.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Nash said Clark is "so fun" to play.

She continued: "It's very very different from the shows I'm coming off of, so coming there and knowing that part of this woman's journey—not specifically of her wanting to be in the FBI— but about her course-correcting or making a pivot at a stage that most would consider later in life, that's what's delicious to me. For people to come with her on her journey the same way they did with Nathan."

Exactly who else would appear in the spin-off is unknown for now, but there is, of course, the likelihood some of the main cast of The Rookie could make an appearance.

For example, Nathan Fillion could appear as Officer John Nolan alongside Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper, Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey, Melissa O'Neil as Lucy Chen, Eric Winter as Tim Bradford, Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune, and Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers.

New characters Matthew Garza, played by Ozark's Felix Solis, and Christopher "Cutty" Clark, portrayed by Banshee's Frankie Faison may also reprise their roles in the spin-off.

Has The Rookie Been Canceled?

Fear not. The Rookie has not been canceled, despite talks of a planned spin-off.

Season 5 of The Rookie has already been given the green light by ABC and is set to land on screens in 2023.

The Rookie airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.