Roseanne Barr Has a Message For People Who Are Angry She Supports Trump

Roseanne Barr, star of the return hit sitcom Roseanne, is not one to mince words. In her Monday night appearance on the Tonight Show sofa alongside Jimmy Fallon, she continued her unapologetic stance as she discussed criticism of her pro-Trump views.

When Fallon mentioned that some people were not happy at Barr's overt support of President Donald Trump, Barr responded: "Oh yeah, people are mad about that but, you know, I don't give a f***."

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"Everybody had to choose for themselves according to their own conscience who they thought was the lesser of two evils," Barr said. "Everybody chose that so I'm not going to put anybody down who didn't vote like me.

"This is America. It's a free country and when you weight it all together I just felt like we needed a whole new thing, all the way, bottom to top," Barr said.

Barr has faced renewed criticism of her views along with her seeming support for right-wing conspiracy theories as her nakesake sitcom, which originally ended in 1997, returned to screens.

On the show, Barr said the viewership it was garnering was "so awesome" but that she had no expectations, "I just have hopes," she added.

"I think people just identify with the family and they missed them, they missed the family," Barr said.