Roseanne Barr Anticipates Trump Ending Debt To Counter Titanic Sinking Plot

Roseanne Barr predicted that President Donald Trump will cancel debts and end income taxation, in a rebuke to an unevidenced conspiracy stretching back more than a century, to the 1912 sinking of the Titanic.

Appearing on the far-right show SteelTruth, hosted by conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel, who previously claimed official affiliations with the Trump 2020 campaign denied by its advisors (in response to emailed questions, Vandersteel confirmed to Newsweek she is not connected to the official Trump campaign), Barr outlined her belief that "this is the jubilee year," in which Trump will cancel all debts in fulfillment of a Judeo-Christian "Biblical" design.

"I think people will be able to buy houses again. I think people will be out of debt. I really think that's coming," Barr said, citing regulations laid out in the Book of Leviticus—included in both Christian and jewish bibles—to free slaves and forgive debts approximately every 50 years (though she described it as every seventh year). "I think that's why the Deep State is so panicked and wants to get rid of Trump, because they hold our debt and that's how they get rich. And they're like 'How dare this guy; how dare this guy remove our debt slaves.'"

The Trump Administration has not announced plans to eliminate debts. Newsweek has reached out to the White House press office to confirm whether or not the president intends to end debts and income taxes, as Barr claimed when she said, "Trump's going to change it all, and he is changing it all. And people need to hold on, because I think fairly soon we're not going to be paying taxes anymore."

Barr's debt jubilee comments made during the June 19 interview were shared on Friday by media watchdog organization Right Wing Watch, which tracks far right news outlets and conspiracy theories. Vandersteel is a frequent subject, due to repeated false claims made on both her show and the YourVoice America media network of which she's president.

Roseanne Barr has been reduced to appearing on Ann Vandersteel's YouTube show, where she misrepresented Juneteenth and rambled on about how Trump is going to free us all from debt slavery.

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) June 26, 2020

Vandersteel has previously predicted the mass arrest of former Barack Obama administration officials by May 5, citing a source "who to me has never been wrong." She has also endorsed or entertained a plethora of unevidenced conspiracy theories regarding coronavirus, the 9/11 attacks, Satanism, Pizzagate and QAnon.

Juneteeth celebrates the emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States. But Barr erroneously describing June 19 and Juneteenth as the anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre—when white residents and police in Oklahoma's second-largest city the Black residents and businesses of the country's wealthiest black community, killing dozens—before pivoting to the history of the Federal Reserve, connecting its formation with the sinking of the famous British passenger liner.

"If we were really going to get into history and stuff: the sinking of the Titanic and the implementation of the Federal Reserve and all of that stuff that was done to destroy our country and to put us under debt slavery," Barr said, before describing measures she believes the president will take to end debt. "Trump is the man, he's going to do it all, and people don't even know it. They don't have any idea of how our country really works."

"They don't," Vandersteel said.

Actor and comedian Roseanne Barr in Beverly Hills, California in 2018. Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage

While Barr didn't elaborate on the sinking of the Titanic's connection to central banking in the United States, the comedian and actor appeared to be alluding to a theory that the ship was sunk on purpose in order to kill rich men allegedly opposed to the creation of a central bank in the United States. There is no evidence of a conspiracy to sink the Titanic, or even that the men at the center of the conspiracy theories would have blocked the formation of the Federal Reserve more than a year later.

Newsweek reached out to a publicist for Roseanne Barr with a request for comment and questions but did not hear back by time of publication.

During the interview, Vandersteel nods in agreement and says "Right" after Barr mentions "the sinking of the Titanic," but also didn't elaborate on the theory in response to emailed questions.

"I did not speak about the Titanic, that was Roseanne. I cannot speak to her answer," Vandersteel told Newsweek.

However, Vandersteel did elaborate on her belief that the Trump administration is "whispering at a return to the gold standard," citing Trump's appointment of economic advisor and central banking critic Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve, which stalled before the Senate Banking Committee in February.

Vandersteel and other advocates for a return to valuing currency based on metal reserves argue that the fiat currencies regulated by a central bank create conditions "akin to economic slavery," in part by enabling deficit-funded spending. Most mainstream economists reject a return to the gold standard for its volatility and limited capacity for responding to economic recessions via monetary policy.

Despite her seeming agreement with Barr throughout the interview, Vandersteel also expressed uncertainty as to whether the Trump administration is likely to pursue the radical policies Barr believes it will.

"I have no idea if the Trump administration will eliminate taxes and debts," Vandersteel told Newsweek.

"People don't think Trump is in control of everything, but he is. He has a reason for doing all of it," Barr said during the interview, after describing those who believe in the social utility of taxation and supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as "lemmings" that are "under mind control and stupid."