Rottweiler Copies Yawning Man in Adorable Viral Video

They say that people often look like their dogs, but a recent viral video has shown that dogs can also behave like their owners.

In footage posted to TikTok by an account called Kingaxeltherott we can see a man and a Rottweiler sat side by side on a sofa.

The man, who is wearing a plain blue t-shirt and tartan pyjama pants then proceeds to yawn widely.

The dog, whose name is Axel, turns his head to stare at his owner intently, before opening his mouth to mimic the yawn.

Kingaxeltherott has set the heartwarming footage, which can be watched here, to the song 'Copycat' by the Children's Song Factory.

The cute video was posted on June 11 and has so far been viewed a whopping 9.8 million times and surpassed 1.5 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the clip.

One TikTok user, Julia Munoz, wrote: "Money see monkey do."

Another person, Scotty McDaniel, added: "Thank you for providing a great home for your dog."

Ken typed: "Love rotts. That one's beautiful. Big snout and great colors."

Victoria gushed: "Omg! This is so cute!!!!"

Chaz joked: "Everybody watching is yawning."

Dominick Napolitano stated: "We don't deserve dogs."

Seasick_Crocodile commented: "Rotts are the best."

Recently a beagle puppy also went viral on TikTok for being adorable after it was filmed napping next to a kitten who was using its ear as a blanket.

In footage, posted to the app by thebeagleandthebun, a small white and kitten can be seen snoozing away alongside the sleeping puppy with the sandy-colored ear of the pooch draped across the young cat's head and shoulders.

The sweet scene, which has so far amassed more than 29.2 million views, is captioned: "Just using the dogs ear as a blanket #cat #dog," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Additionally, a dog owner was recently reunited with his pet which had been missing for more than two years when he spotted him on a local news segment.

The dog, who has been a gift for his daughter, was reunited with the family and the emotional reunion was captured on camera in heart-warming footage.

The reunion was orchestrated by the Wisconsin Humane Society, who told Newsweek: "Returning lost animals to their families is a core part of our daily animal sheltering work, and it's a privilege to witness the profound joy of a redemption—especially one that waited two years!"

Newsweek has contacted Kingaxeltherott for comment.

A stock image of a Rottweiler. On TikTok a dog can be seen copying his owner's yawn. Jana Richter/Getty Images