Rove Divorces, Twitter Delights

When Karl Rove announced this morning that he and wife Darby had divorced last week after 24 years of marriage, family spokesperson (and former Bush press secretary) Dana Perino asked for the family's privacy to be respected. In a development that surprises no one, Twitter users did not oblige, with an outpouring of scornful tweets raining down on Rove, the adviser George W. Bush once nicknamed "Turd Blossom."

Some members of the Twitterati took a rather predictable path, attacking the anti-gay marriage Rove as a hypocrite (such as @smokes70, who asked "What was that you were saying about 'Sanctity of Marriage' Mr. Rove? Care to comment now?"). But that's old news--it was, after all, his second marriage (the first ended in divorce in 1986). A few more enterprising Twitter users created a hash-tag to, er, help Rove get back into the dating world. The tag, #RovePickUpLines, offers some suggestions for how the Boy Genius might convince single ladies that he's their man.

Here are a few favorites (be warned--some of them are a bit bawdy):

@JamesUrbaniak: They call me the bush advisor #RovePickUpLines

@Spidey004: I'd like to pre-emptively invade *your* sovereign state. #RovePickUpLines

@reelquinn: "Is there a leak in my administration, or am I just happy to see you?" #RovePickUpLines

@MikeHasTweets: Let's make a rumored illegitimate black baby. #RovePickUpLines

@JC_Christian: Ever seen a war criminal, naked? #RovePickUpLines

@Dajbman22: Come on baby, waterboarding isn't torture, its more like light bondage... #RovePickUpLines

@Ali_Davis: "Shall I pick you up at 8:00, or would you prefer to be the subject of a vicious smear campaign?" #RovePickUpLines

@kasper_hauser: I'd (wire)tap that. #RovePickUpLines

Here in the NEWSWEEK Twitter War Room, @AdamBKushner and @badler combine to produce, "

But the winner might be Washington Independent reporter Dave Weigel, who delivers this simple and eloquent takedown:

@daveweigel: 9/11. #RovePickUpLines